How to transfer Glo data? A comprehensive guide


How to transfer Glo data – Did you check for an up-to-date, easy-to-follow guide on how to migrate Glo data? As the telecommunications network has millions of users who would like to learn the same, you are not alone.

Here is the easiest guide for moving data from Glo.

How to transfer data on Glo: Data Sharing

Your data plans can be shared with friends, relatives, and loved ones. With Glo data transfer, instead of purchasing four separate data plans, you can purchase a data plan and share it with your wife and 2 kids.

On the Glo network, you will share your data plan with a maximum of five users. Anyone you share with gets informed with immediate internet access via SMS.

Three forms of transmitting Glo data are available:

How to transfer data from Glo to Glo online and offline

You can share online via Glo Café.

You can also share offline by following the instructions below:

  • To add people to share, dial *127*01*[number of friend]# or Send ‘Share [number of friend]’ to 127 e.g. Dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or give 0805XXXXXXXXX to 127 to share.
  • “To exclude people from sharing, dial *127*02*[number of friends]# OR Send “Remove [number of friends]” to 127 e.g. Dial *127*02*0805XXXXXXX# or Give 0805XXXXXXXX to 127 to remove.
  • Dial *127*00# or Email “List” to 1277 to list individuals sharing your subscription

Using the sharing function

Alternatively, from your smartphone (using Glo SIM), visit and use the sharing feature.

Data Gifting

A subscription can also be bought and sent as ‘gifts’ to friends, relatives, and loved ones. If you don’t want to share your subscription with the intended user, this feature is particularly useful. The recipient of the gift will be told through personalized SMS.

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Using one of the methods highlighted below to give a data plan:

  • On the Glo website, you can offer gifts.
  • You can also dial *127*[USSD Plan Number]*[friend’s number]##*[friend’s number]#
  • Send “Gift [number of friends]” to 127.
  • From your smartphone (using Glo SIM), visit and use the gifting feature. Customers can also display their portal transaction history, create invoices for their transactions, and, among other things, view the status of all their plans.

Data usage and tips

Here are some tips that may come in handy.

With my mobile data, how can I be smarter?

  • Deactivate mobile data when it is not required;
  • Switch off automatic software updates;
  • To save data, use Wi-Fi whenever you can;
  • Limit files and ‘push alerts’ to send and receive;
  • In your browser, use data compression;
  • Delete non-sending email messages;
  • When connected with Wi-Fi, send big files.

How do I check my mobile data balance?

  • Dial *777#
  • In the dialog box, type in 1 (buy data).
  • In the dialog box, type in 4 (manage plan).
  • In the dialogue box, form 4 (get data balance). You will receive a text message with information about your data balance.

How do I buy a data plan?

  • Dial *777#
  • In the dialog box, type in 1 (buy data).
  • In the dialog box, type in 4 (buy 3G-4G data plan).
  • In the dialog box, type the figure for the corresponding data plan (e.g 2 for monthly plans).
  • In the dialog box, enter the figure for the data plan you want to purchase (e.g 3 for 7.25GB at N2,500). You get a text message verifying the specifics of your data balance.

Now that you know how to transfer data on Glo, why not surprise your loved ones with free data?

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