How to Turn Off A Portable Generator

How to Turn Off A Portable Generator

How to Turn Off A Portable Generator – Living in Nigeria implies that you need a standby generator. This is because of how often PHcN can be disappointing. And how much they struggle to provide a steady supply of electricity.

So if you are in Nigeria and have a generator, in order to ensure its durability, it is necessary to understand and know how to switch off your generator the correct way and how to properly service it.

It is not news that generators have helped people, businesses, and companies a lot in Nigeria. So, it is really important to know how to properly turn it on. This is because these machines are typically never the same after they have been toyed with via repairs.

This article will address how generators can be switched on properly and when they need to be serviced. And the do’s and dont’s associated with owning such equipment
These are details that should be at the tip of their fingertips to ensure that their equipment is still in good shape.

How to Turn Off A Portable Generator

How to Turn Off A Portable Generator – Although there are several different models, types and sizes of portable generators, the shutdown process is almost the same for all of them.

Motor speed, electrical performance and actual shutdown of the motor are the three parameters involved.

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In order to properly turn off your generator, this is what you must do:

1. Fuel Cock: Either pressing a stop switch or shutting off a fuel cock will stop the motor after the electrical outputs are disconnected. Always make sure your owner’s manual is checked for precise information. How to Turn Off A Portable Generator

2. Switch off the electrical output switch for the generator.

3. Set the throttle of your generator to the slowest position for speed.

4. Depress the switch to “kill” or “stop” and hold it until the engine dies.

Set to the “off” location of the fuel cock or valve.

Issues to be Noted 

How to Turn Off A Portable Generator – Remember also that a very dangerous thing to do is to pour fuel into your generator while it is already on and running.

Before continuing to pour fuel into it, always switch off your engine. Never take the risk of doing something when you’re still going. This is because of how risky it is to do so.

Gasoline is highly volatile and flammable.
Fuel will leak into a hot engine and cause fire or explosion if the tank is over-filled.
Do not overfill the tank with petrol. Often make space for expansion of fuel.

Never add fuel when the unit is hot or working. Enable the generator and engine to fully cool before fuel is added.

Never store a fuel generator in the tank where an open flame, spark or pilot light might hit gasoline vapors.

Turn all the devices from your generator off and reconnect.

To regulate the temperature before shutting down, some generator manufacturers suggest running your generator without a load for several minutes.

W – w to Turn Off A Portable GeneratorWith appliances plugged in and switched on, never interrupt your generator. After running, your generator will be hot. To stop burns, treat it carefully.

CAN KILL YOU IN MINUTES using an indoor generator. The exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a deadly poisonous gas that can not be seen or smelled.

NEVER run a generator indoors or in areas like garages that are partially enclosed.
Use ONLY outside and away from windows, doors, vents, crawl spaces, and in an environment where sufficient ventilation is available and deadly exhaust gas will not accumulate. How to Turn Off A Portable Generator

Not enough ventilation would be provided by using a fan or opening doors and windows.

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