How to View Hidden Facebook Friends


How to View Hidden Facebook Friends – Following the unique privacy policies and continuous modification of certain settings on Facebook, the likelihood of seeing a certain user’s friends on Facebook is near impossible.

Moreso, if said user goes to settings to specifically set it to be so.

Facebook has prompts and features that allow this to be so. This is because of cybercrime and cyber impersonation where your account can be cloned and your friends duped.

So, in order for users on the Facebook platform to maintain absolute privacy and security, they usually restrict certain other users from accessing their friend’s list via profile or the general public from doing so.

This article however will let you in on how to access a Facebook user’s friend’s list without being virtual mutual friends with them.

The various steps to take and what to do in order to make this happen. Read on!

Facebook’s Unique Features

Facebook has a range of features that its management integrates in order to improve the application in the media world. It could also be viewed as the most popular social media network due to the fact that it has the largest user pool of about 2 billion users.

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Features of Facebook

Adding friends, posting updates, uploading images and videos, such as commenting and tagging friends and family in your message, instant play, watching online videos and much more are some of the features of the social media site.

The Facebook management modifies some items on the app in order to enhance the application from time to time. As such, one of the improvements made allows the user to be able to conceal the list of their friends from a specific person, entity, or the general public.

The Facebook friend list is not as easy to see nowadays as certain individuals are no longer innocent. One of the ways to remain safe on Facebook is to ask your friends who are on the social media site and this is important because what certain people do these days is to clone your account.

You have to understand that a friend list on Facebook that has been hidden can still be accessed and viewed.

Let’s assume that we have our Facebook accounts and are active on the platform. You cannot do anything further if you do not have a Facebook account.

How to View Hidden Facebook Friends

Once you have made provision for that, you can now continue your search to see someone’s secret friends on Facebook. You will need a Google Chrome Personal Computer installed on it, then follow the steps below;

  • Visit and install ‘Social Revealer’ from the Google Chrome web store
  • Open your Facebook account after activation by logging into
  • Proceed to the profile you want to see of the person’s friends list.
  • Now open the extension ” Social Revealer” and click on “See Friends”.
  • It will open a new tab displaying the Facebook user’s Facebook friend list.

So these above steps will help you see someone’s secret friends list as well as mutual friends quickly. It should also be noted that there is another extension of Google Chrome like “Facebook Friend Mapper” that can be used to complete the task of seeing the secret friends of someone on Facebook.

Basically, if anyone hides the list of their friends from you or the public in general, this is a way to get to see the secret list of friends.

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