Love Status – Top Best Love Quotes and Status


Love Status – Top Best Love Quotes and Status: Love is best when it lives in the hearts of two people who earnestly love one another. The more you hold on to it, the irony of love, the more it tries to slip away. The more you attempt to run away from it, the more you are chased by it. In love, there is no such thing as failure, only lessons learned and a stronger heart. In order to complete the missing pieces, I don’t need someone. All I need is someone who will accept that I am defective.

Love Status – Top Best Love Quotes and Status

  • It’s easy to fall in love, but forgetting someone you’ve loved is almost impossible.
  • Aside from time, all wounds are cured by love.
  • There is no other way to love but to live.
  • The heart sees what’s impossible for the eyes.
  • Love is a game in which two players do not compete but, hand in hand, help each other and reach for the win.
  • Love bridges two distinct hearts that pulsate at the same pace.
  • The heart that loves will never age and be youthful forever.
  • What pushes you to do the impossible is love.
  • It’s never easy love. A rough road is a passion. Joy, however, is the life of this journey.
  • The fruit of spring is love. It is what gives you every breath sweetness.
  • It is inexplicable to love. It is illogical to love. Love is dumb.
  • The northern star that leads you to where you really want to belong is love.
  • The fruits of love are compassion and honesty.
  • The key which opens the gates to true bliss is love.
  • The moment I looked into your eyes, I saw what wonders I had in store for my future.
  • In keeping love alive, listening plays a significant part.
  • When you’re dancing with someone in the rain, it won’t feel so cold.
  • To love is to risk demonstrating to another person your imperfect self.
  • I didn’t know that love at the same time could feel so great, so unbelievable and so wonderful.
  • To love is to live on Earth in heaven.
  • Love is the soul’s melody, the heart’s rhythm, and the harmony between the two lovers.
  • Love makes the broken rediscover their missing pieces.
  • Love allows the deaf to hear, the blind to see, the silent to speak.
  • Words speak to the loving heart of a thousand words.
  • Love brings the bravery to run through the field of fire to even the spineless of hearts.
  • With the right guy, love comes at the right time.

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  • You can never guess when it’s coming, but it’s going to knock you off your feet for sure.
  • Everyone has their own sweet happy end in the fairytale called love.
  • You are a prince of mine. I am a princess of yours. The kingdom of ours is called passion.
  • Eternal is devotion. It doesn’t ever die. Never does it expire.
  • Everybody is equal in the eyes of love. There are no rich people or poor people. There aren’t any strong or weak.
  • Love is your life’s greatest adventure.
  • The bitterest of pain is given by love, and yet the sweetest of joy is given.
  • That which no words can even match is the best feeling.
  • The truth and the sincerity within your eyes can only be seen by your lover.
  • Two lives merge into one, in love.
  • Love’s only desire is to complete itself.

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