Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own

Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own – Every pet needs to be cared for and cherished when it comes to welcoming pets into your family. However, it’s just not possible to spend every waking moment looking after a pet when you’re a busy person. That doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to carry an animal home, you just need to find the right one.
Many animals need less grooming and care; many are simply cheaper to own than some of the more high-maintenance alternatives. So if you’re looking for anything that makes sense for your children, for your working parent lifestyle, or for your apartment’s limitations, these are the pets you should consider bringing home with low maintenance.

Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own

1. Betta fish
blue betta fish  - Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Ownl

Christopher Adams, creator of ModestFish, says that fish are mostly ‘seen as low-maintenance pets’ before people know just how much effort needs to be put into them. Typically, however, that’s because people choose the wrong kinds of fish. If you want a low-maintenance fish, go to Betta. Low-Maintenance Pets

Adams says, “Betta fish are stunning, really hardy, and you can have an awesome low-maintenance setup,” It is recommended that you purchase a five-gallon aquarium package that is the right size for the Betta fish. “And once your tank is ready, you only need to feed them once a day—or get an automatic fish feeder—and replace 15 percent of the water each week.” Low-Maintenance Pets

2. Pugs
Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own
Let’s face it, dogs aren’t exactly low-maintenance creatures at all. They need a lot of affection, care, and devotion. But choose a lower-maintenance breed if you want to add a precious pooch into your family. JP, the owner of Aji’s favorite Instagram pug, says pugs are one of the best breeds of dogs to own. Low-Maintenance Pets

“We’ve never taken him into a dog groomer. His short hair doesn’t need any trimming,” JP says. “And the truth is, we only walk him about 30 minutes a day, and play fetch or tug of war for about 10 minutes, and that’s enough to keep him in shape.” All of this, alongside the small size of pugs, makes them one of the dog breeds with the lowest maintenance.

3. Stick insects
stick insect in a man's hand
Pets are not limited to creatures or fish that are fluffy. Conservatory garden worker Elliot Blacker, Evopure’s creator, suggests stick insects as the ideal low-maintenance bird, often referred to as stick bugs. Their small, twig-like size makes them easy to house in small spaces such as “small glass containers” or “cages around 12 inches tall,” and their dietary habits are also not extreme. Blacker claims he can live off a “diet of blackberries, oak, rose, and ivy.” Low-Maintenance Pets
4. Rabbits
Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own
Instead, consider owning a rabbit if you want a cute, cuddly pet but aren’t ready to commit to a pup. As a pet owner, despite being a specialist in cat and dog welfare, Gilles Ventejol, founder of Animal Patient, recommends rabbits. Low-Maintenance Pets

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