Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With G and H


Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With G and H – A girlfriend with crude behavior, Gangsta Baby. A girlfriend that is special to you,-Gem.

Genie-A girlfriend you consider to be a helper.

A gentle and simple girlfriend,- Georgia Peach

A girlfriend who laughs a lot,- Giggles.

A lovely and dishonest sister,- Gigi.

For a girlfriend or a best mate- Girlfriend

For a beautifully pretty girlfriend- Goddess.

Goggles- For a girl with glasses that look weird.

Gold- An affectionate name for an invaluable girlfriend.

Golden- rare and precious for a girlfriend.

Goldie- an outgoing and exciting girlfriend.

Goldilocks- an outgoing golden haired girlfriend.

For a girl who is beautiful, Good Looking.

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Goof- For a friendly and comical girlfriend.

A stupid and free-spirited girlfriend- Goofball.

Goofy—A stupid and playful girlfriend.

Goose- a sweet nickname for a bright girlfriend of nature.

For a chubby but adorable girlfriend- Gordo.

Gorgeous- a girlfriend that is really desirable to you.

A romantic nickname for an adventurous girlfriend- Grasshopper.

Green- For a nature-obsessed girlfriend.

Guardian Angel- a girlfriend who has your back at all times.

A bright, kind and happy girlfriend- Gumdrop.

Gummy Bear- A sweet-natured girlfriend’s nickname.

Cute Girlfriend Nicknames That Start With H

Half Pint- a small-sized girlfriend’s name.

A cute halo for a girlfriend with an incredible aura.

Happiness-a term for a girl who is your place of happiness.

Haven- A girlfriend with whom you find comfort.

Heart & Soul- a girlfriend who finishes you off.

Heart Throb- A girlfriend who owns your heart entirely.

Heartbreaker—A really flirty and sexy girl.

Celestial-A girlfriend who is sacred.

Hermosa-A girlfriend who is the beauty concept.

Hidden Crazy-A girlfriend who has no fear of being dumb and having fun.

Hipster- a cute nickname for a really trendy girlfriend.

Hobbitess—A girlfriend who looks odd but adorable.

Holly- a girlfriend with a promising and very bright future.

A name for a girl who is bound for fame.-Hollywood

Hon—A beautiful mother.

Honey- A girlfriend with a distinctive character.

A girlfriend with lovely mannerisms- Honey Bagel.

Honey Bear,-a sweet-natured and cute girlfriend’s endearing name.

A pet name for a girlfriend who is the sweetest thing ever- Honey Bee

A girlfriend who is an embodiment of sweetness- Honey Bun.

A girlfriend who is super sexy and sweet-Honey Bunch.

Honey Bunny For a girlfriend, a word of endearment.

Honey Buns- a sweet name for a girlfriend that looks amazing.

Honey Cakes- an elegant and sweet girlfriend’s cute name.

Honey Lips- a cute name with super sexy lips for a girlfriend.

A sweet and soft-natured girlfriend-Honey Muffin

A girlfriend who is delightful-Honey Smack.

A girlfriend who’s super adorable-Honey Sugar Bumps.

Hop- You can still lean on a girlfriend.

Hot Chocolate- A dark, sweet and sexy girlfriend.

Hot Lips-A girlfriend with professional and beautiful lips.

A nickname for a strikingly beautiful mother-Hot Mama

A beautiful girlfriend-Hot Pants.

A very sensual girlfriend-Hot Stuff.

Hotcakes For a girlfriend with a firecracker.

Hotness- A charismatic and attractive girlfriend.

A girlfriend who’s a big deal- Hotshot.

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Hottie- a sweet name for a girlfriend who is really sexually desirable.

Hottie Tottie- a sexy and smoking hot girlfriend’s nickname.

A sweet name for a really sexy girl- Hubba Bubba.

Huckleberry-a sweet name for a girlfriend who is absolutely inside of you.

A girlfriend you love to be around- Huggalump.

Huggie-You can hug an adorable girlfriend all day.

A girlfriend who’s so into you-Huggies.

A sweet name for a girlfriend you love to keep- Huggy Bear

Hugster-A girlfriend who likes to embrace.

Hummingbird- For a lovely, gentle and supportive girlfriend, a pet name.

Hun-Short honey type, for a sweet girl.

Hun Bun- a cute name with a hot ass for a girlfriend.

Hunny- For a girlfriend, you love, a pet name.

Hunny Bagel-A friendly girlfriend.

A girlfriend that you treasure-Hunny Pot.

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