Nigerian fried rice


Nigerian fried rice – Fried rice from Nigeria in all its glory! I don’t want to brag, but I’m making the best-fried rice, and I can assure you, this is going to be your last hunt for a recipe for Nigerian fried rice. This recipe is easy and quick to make, delicious, and packed with fresh vegetables and flavors.

Fried Nigerian Rice Recipe

One of Nigeria’s most commonly eaten foods is rice, and one of the ways we cook rice is Nigerian fried rice. The brotherly twin of Jollof rice, this quick-fried rice recipe is basic, tasty, and easy to produce. There are 2 ways to cook this famous Nigerian dish, one to add cooked rice to stir-fried vegetables and the other to cook the rice with chicken stock before adding it to the stir-fried vegetable. I make fried rice both ways, but in chicken stock, my favorite method is to boil the rice, so before mixing with the stir-fried vegetable, the rice is already flavored. And Cream Cheese Cucumber Sandwiches.

Without Nigerian fried rice or Nigerian Jollof rice, Nigerian parties are not complete, but the truth is that not many can cook it correctly. Let me show you how to make the best-fried rice in Nigeria, and I can assure you that this is also the last hunt for you. Basically, with stir-fried veggies and fried liver, Nigerian fried rice is cooked and I think you can make your own, but you want it. It is simple and can be made healthy with a few swaps and portion control. Some shy away from making this recipe because it requires cutting vegetables, but you can make it in less than 40 minutes thanks to frozen veg. Let me show you how you and your family will enjoy making the best homemade Nigerian and party fried rice.

Variations of Nigerian fried rice

  • You can make this recipe with either fresh or frozen vegetables,
  • Add new prawns, shrimps, or stick to seafood
  • Attach the breast or thighs of cooked cubed chicken. You can go all out and all, like fried liver, if you like, to make it special Nigerian fried rice. Do not forget to pair it with some chicken, regardless of how you plan to make it. Uh, Yum yum!


Raw rice: long grain or golden Sella basmati rice would work for this recipe

Curry powder

Dried thyme

Salt to taste

Ground ginger powder (optional)

Ground garlic powder (optional)

Chicken bouillon powder or stock cubes

Chicken stock/broth

Runner beans (Green beans)


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Sweet corn

Spring onions also called green onions

Frozen peas substitute with canned green peas


Fresh Prawn

Liver (Use cow or goat liver)

Green bell pepper

Vegetable oil


As I said earlier, you can make this your option, skip the ingredients you are unable to source, do not be intimidated by the lengthy list of ingredients. In the cooking of Nigerian fried rice, curry powder, seasoning, stock and thyme are very important. Before it tasted good, I had fried rice that had been cooked with carrots, green peas and sweet corn. Alternatively, use 4 cups of mixed frozen vegetables and obey the instructions in this recipe.

Fabricate the ingredients

Let the following tips guide you to the best fried rice in Nigeria:

  • In cooking rice, use less oil if you are using chicken/turkey stock, as the stock normally contains oil. See examples of the ingredients.
  • Check the salt amount you’d be using in the chicken stock and let that lead you to how much salt or bouillon powder your rice would require.
  • If you are using already cooked plain white rice, then move on to the stage where you stir fry the veggies, then stir in the rice until you like the veggies.
  • Nigerian fried rice calls for real chicken stock, but if you don’t have this, use a chicken stock cube and water combination to make stock.

How To Make Fried Rice in Nigeria:

  • Add oil, heat until hot
  • add chopped onions, curry powder, thyme and powder and fry for about one minute to release the scent, then add washed rice and stir continuously for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Place a pan large enough to cook rice over medium heat. (Don’t let the bottom of the pot stick to the rice)
  • Ginger, garlic and seasoning are added to the chicken stock (if the stock is not enough to cover the rice, add water to it). Lower the heat and simmer until it’s tender.
  • Check-in between cooking times, if necessary, add water to the rice and do not forget to check for salt and seasoning and adapt to your taste.
  • You can fry the vegetables while you are waiting for your rice to cook, or just wait until the rice is done.
  • On a medium heat, place a wok or skillet, add oil and butter, and heat until hot.
  • For another 3 minutes, add the vegetables, prawns, salt and stir-fry, add a pinch of curry and thyme, and stir continuously for another 3 minutes or until the veggies are tender but not overcooked.
  • Don’t add it to your stir fry if you are using canned green peas as it will go mushy.
  • Add it to the end of cooking time for 2 minutes.

Moving on to the next bit now

  • If you have used a large skillet to fry the vegetables
  • Add the cooked rice and mix until fully mixed.
  • Check for seasoning and salt and change to match.
  • Alternatively, add the vegetables that are stir-fried into the rice.
  • Mix to blend and continue cooking for an additional 2 minutes.
  • Take the heat away from it and serve.

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