Personal Facebook page to promote business


Personal Facebook page to promote business – I get a lot from this issue.

And “Business Page” is what most advertisers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, would respond to.

Ok, now, I’m going to get a bit contentious.

Since I’m not in agreement at all.

I absolutely agree that you should use your personal Facebook page for the company.

Using your personal Facebook page can actually be a powerful way to organically increase your scope, your audience, and your company (meaning no ads).

It’s what I’m doing and how I’ve made tens of thousands of Facebook dollars.

It’s what my customers do. And that’s what a lot of other decent business owners do.

Personal Facebook page to promote business Have a Way to Get Bigger

Without having to run any pricey advertisements, posts to your personal page would get so many more eyeballs on them.

Facebook business pages, on the other hand, are pay-to-play, meaning that you have to run advertisements in order to get your messages viewed.

So if you post on your Facebook Business Page, it’s possible that only about 2% of your followers will see your post organically.

It’s the way Facebook uses its algorithm to entice companies to invest advertising dollars (how they decide which posts are seen, and how often).

When you post and connect as a personal page, however, the amount of individuals you are able to meet organically (with NO ad spending) goes far higher.

Making strategic requests for friends is the secret.

The trick is to start making friendships with people that will be perfect customers for you instead of making friends with all your old high school buddies (and they aren’t that interesting anyway).

Now if you say, “Wait a sec.” “I thought it was against the rules to use a personal business page, “Ah, you’re mostly right.

You are not permitted to use a personal page exclusively for business purposes, according to Facebook’s rulebook.

That said, to help your community learn more about business, showcase your knowledge, develop your brand, and share posts that display your intimate, totally unique, and awesome side, you can use your personal page.

In addition to some select personal content such as hobbies, holidays, etc., I recommend posting business-related content (customer stories, blog previews, ads, business tips, Q&As, etc.

It is an art and an equilibrium.

If you use your personal page for the company, I don’t recommend posting super-personal stuff, and I also don’t suggest obliterating your personal Facebook page with sales posts either.

What I’m saying is this: you can use your Facebook personal profile to communicate in a single voice to your network of customers and friends effectively.

YOU and your personality are what makes your brand special, after all (Read: How to build a personal brand for more info.)

What makes your services stand out from others is YOU.

And YOU are what your customers eventually offer.

Your clients will recruit, pay and trust a real, living person at the end of the day.

That’s you.

And you can just find (like I have) that some of your biggest Facebook fans turn out to be your closest friends and family, and you can also help extend your scope to new leads!

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You should engage as an expert in Facebook groups

Facebook groups can be a perfect way to connect with friends, associates, and future customers. And your updates, comments, etc., when you join a party, would be much more accessible to group members than any business page posts (because of that pesky Facebook algorithm we talked about). Personal Facebook page to promote business

Your posts would be much more trustworthy than a Facebook Business page post if you participate as a person in Facebook Groups, rather than as a corporation.

Members of the Facebook community are looking for thoughtful answers and expertise that should not be marketed.

And when you post your super-thoughtful response to the query of a member (“How do they all feel about the new Pantone color of the year?”), they can click your name with your message (“It’s a great fit for the restaurant industry! Here’s why…”) and go straight to your personal page to see what other details you have to give.

And they can see all the helpful business advice you have given when they go there.

Using your personal Facebook profile and Company Page on Facebook

Personal Facebook page to promote business – With all that said, getting a Facebook business page is always a smart idea, too.

And here’s why:

  • Insights – When they’re online, posts had the most clicks, data about your followers, etc.
  • Advertising Placing money to meet a particular audience for a targeted advertisement.
  • Tagging – Make it simple for other partner companies to tag you with your @shortname in their posts.
  • Scheduling – For weeks (or even months) at a time, plan and schedule posts.
  • Managing – Outsource postings from your company page to a social media marketer.

With a Facebook business page, you can do a lot that you just can’t do with a personal Facebook profile, which is why I truly recommend using both.

Eventually, you will get to a point where you have a budget for ads and Facebook will be a good match. You’ll want a business page when this day comes around that already has followers, history, and info.

At that point, you do not want to start from scratch.

Use your personal Facebook profile and Facebook Business page together instead, addressing your audience with one, single voice. Advertise, connect with, join (and interact with) Facebook groups, and post content in each of the most important locations.

Use Both Facebook Pages In Harmony

So, you see, black and white isn’t the solution. It’s not whether your personal page or business page should be included. It’s how they should be used together.

And not only can you get leads and buyers, but also more collaborations, referrals, speaking activities, interviews, and more when you do this with purpose and plan! That is their territory, you’ll be interacting with your audience. You’ll be there if they choose to follow a business page, get to know you better on a personal page, or make conversions in Facebook groups. Personal Facebook page to promote business

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