Romantic Nicknames for Your Sweetheart


Romantic Nicknames for Your Sweetheart – You’ll want to highlight your feelings for your significant other while selecting the right nickname. Check out our list of Romantic Nicknames for your sweetheart:

1.) Sweetheart or Sweetheart Pie – Romantic Nicknames
2.) The Pookie
3.) Pumpkin Pumpkin
4.) Lamb chop Lamb chop
5.) Darling The Darling
6.) The Sugar
7.) Muffin Muffin
8.) Precious Precious
9.) Baby doll Baby doll
10.) Lumps of fat or sugar
11.) Snookums Snookums
12.) Smootchie or pooo-smootchie
13.) Cutie pie, Cutie pie
14.) The Cuteness
15.) Adorable things
16.) The Lover
17.) Jane or Tarzan
18.) Lover Boy The Lover Boy
19.) Sexy, sexy beast, sexy boy
20.) Hot stuff or hot mother
21.) The Tiger
22.) The Captain or the Love Captain
23.) The Man of the Monkey
24.) Buns of honey
25.) Bubble and Bubble
26.) Bunny and Bunny – Romantic Nicknames
27.) That squirrel
28.) Chicken-Chicken
29.) Chickadee The Chickadee
30.) Nugget of devotion
31.) Lumps of affection
32.) Eyes of angel
33.) Bunny with honey
34.) Kitty cat fucking cat
35.) Bug of devotion
36.) Sunshine Sunshine
37.) Boo boo bear, boo bear
38.) Pookie
40.) The Buttercup
41.) Dimples Dimples
42.) Sweetheart Bunch
43.) Luvs Luvs

44.) Babylicious Children
45.) Small Kinky
46.) Gummy gummy bear
47.) Loop of fruits
48.) Muffins of Capital
49.) Doodle Kid
50.) Boogie bear, boogie bear
51.) Darlington Darlington
52.) Canoodle Canoodle
53.) Underpants for Captain
54.) Cool air

55.) The Braveheart

56.) Bear Treatment
57.) Pepper and Ironman
58.) The Little Muppet
59.) Pooh’s Bear
61.) Lois and Superman
62.) Around Merlin
63.) Papa Bear and Mama Bear Mama Bear

Historical Couples Romantic Nicknames

And royals are not immune to a nickname that is playful, or suggestive. To say a little more about famous partnerships from the past, there are a few nicknames that have survived history.

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The Bonapartes

Romantic Nicknames – Napoleon Bonaparte referred throughout his life to his wife, Josephine, as his “little Josephine” In her youth, Josephine wanted to be called by the name she had, “Rose.” Josephine declined to give her husband such a name. “Dear husband”Dear husband”My dear Bonaparte,”My dear Bonaparte.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony

Romantic Nicknames – Who knows what they secretly called each other, but never were Marc Antony and Cleopatra known for their silent ways. Julius Caesar, the last queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, had a scandalous affair with Antony, the chief warrior of Rome, after the loss of her husband. We can see the couple’s passion for long titles on coinage and on monuments and their ability to give the names of deities to each other. She named herself “Isis” which she gladly called Antony. After his favorite god of wine and celebration, Antony got the name ‘Dionysus’.

Henry and His Wives

No one pictured a lover more than Henry Tudor or Henry VIII. Certainly, his most turbulent relationship was with Lady Anne Boleyn. He named her “sweetheart” and even “my own darling.” in his letters to the future queen. Anne, for her part, used nicknames such as “great king” and “my dear majesty.” Henry has a long, known history of using nicknames and platitudes as compliments to his motives when wooing a new wife or lover. Romantic NicknamesA bored queen sitting alongside her husband at a banquet

Choosing a Nickname

For the person you love, the pet name you choose will last a lifetime or change with age or through life’s seasons. When picking a romantic nickname for someone you love, take your time. Use it in romantic cards, sweet love notes and private conversations when you discover one you both want. Romantic Nicknames

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