Short Love Status Messages


Short Love Status Messages – Whenever you are present, my heart beats ten times quicker. Be with someone who’s going to do it all to make you happy. From that special person, you deserve every single true love. For less, don’t settle. Do not let it go when it touches your soul and warms your heart like no other.

Short Love Status Messages

  • Love is an immeasurable force that does not have length, depth or weight.
  • If someone asks me what I love about my life the most, my answer is always-YOU!
  • Stupid heart, are you really going to listen?
  • Love is straightforward. It’s the people who have set obstacles to it.
  • All I need is to see your sweet smile and I can do anything to make it through.
  • If the weakness of Superman is kryptonite, the tears falling from your eyes are mine.
  • In its own way, every love story is special, but ours is the one I love the most.
  • Dear Crush, don’t crush my delicate little heart, please.
  • The moment I wake up, my mind is swept by thoughts of you.
  • It doesn’t matter to me to wait as long as I can finally be with you.
  • I’m deficient in vitamin ‘U’. Short Love Status Messages
  • Electricity and fire flow through my veins when I see you.
  • At the sight of you, my heart pounds and ticks and soars.
  • If I could devote all of the world’s sappy love songs to you, I would.
  • People have told me that I have changed ever since I met you. I have been corny, romantic, dreamy.
  • As long as I can do it with you, I don’t mind doing foolish and insane things.
  • You have completely changed the course of my life with just a smile.
  • Over wild parties with my friends, I would totally prefer late night conversations with you. Short Love Status Messages
  • You’re a book I’ve never been able to put down and avoid reading.
  • It’s not a beautiful face or a beautiful body; it’s the heart and soul that got me hooked.
  • Let me love you, love you,
  • Where have you been from? The Sky? And it seems unreal to have every moment with you.
  • Love can be painful, but its rewards are beautiful.
  • I love to sleep a lot, but it doesn’t matter to me to miss any of it as long as I can talk to you longer.
  • Whenever your name appears on my phone, my heart goes ‘whoa, wow, oh, whoa’.
  • It began with a simple fantasy, and then it became a beautiful friendship. I am falling now.
  • Uh, help me! I’m going to fall and drown in your passion.
  • If it’s fatal to love you so much, I don’t mind losing my life over that.
  • There are rules, but every single one of them has been broken.
  • I just can’t avoid checking your messages on my computer.
  • Instead of being with someone who makes me feel empty, I would rather be stranded on a lonely island. Short Love Status Messages
  • Thank you for using the magic of ‘you’ to grace my life.
  • The heart that loves remains young forever.
  • Don’t get your life packed with hate. With passion, paint it.
  • Love can’t be trapped. You should be set free by devotion.
  • Love is not for the other person to own. Love is to admire the person for all he or she is.
  • Whenever I see you, you have no idea what is going on inside me.
  • A sight of you sends a wild frenzy inside me.
  • You can never deny it, you can never let your heart lie about it as it comes.
  • When something else is falling apart, love tells you who is there for you. Short Love Status Messages

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