Skinny people of the world: women and men- Top 7

kinny people of the world
Skinny people of the world: women and men-Top 10 – The idea of a slender body has become an obsession for some celebrities, leading to anorexia. We live in an age where many women and men do their hardest to look “thin as a reed.”

But in order to escape despised kilos, not all the slender individuals in the world purposely subject their bodies to pain. There are those expected to live with a serious disease that makes them look like prisoners in a death camp.

We present you with a short history and pictures of the Earth’s skinny people.

Skinny people of the world: women and men- Top 7

1. Elizabeth Velasquez – weight 29 kg

Elizabeth Velasquez - Skinny people of the world

Skinny people of the world – Born on March 13, 1989, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Velazquez is considered the world’s ugliest woman at the moment. This is not the fault of exhausting diets, however, but of Rautenstrauch, the exceedingly rare Wiedemann syndrome. Just three people suffer from it on the world, and Lizzy is one of them. Premature aging is also caused by this disease, much like progeria. The girl looks older than her age right now. Skinny people of the world

Lizzy must eat every fifteen minutes in order to survive. It absorbs, thus, from 5000 to 8000 calories per day. Lizzy is a well-known motivational speaker and author of the autobiography book “The Story of the Ugliest Woman in the World Who Has Become the Happiest” amid such a debilitating situation. Skinny people of the world

2. Valeria Levitin – weight 25 kg

Valeria Levitin -Skinny people of the world

Skinny people of the world – Valeria was reportedly recognized as the world’s thinnest woman until 2014. The resident of Monaco weighed just 25 kilograms, and the surprise remains that she was not carried away by the winds. She suffered from anorexia and it was pointless to make all her desperate attempts to recover her lost weight. Anorexia, which has no single cause, is a very insidious disease. It is due to a combination of psychological, environmental, and biological factors that contribute to a destructive behavior period, most experts agree.

For young girls who want to learn from others’ mistakes, Valeria Levitina is a source of inspiration. To alert girls of the risks of an extreme diet, she traveled to various parts of the world. And in order to fulfill her dream of being a mother, she hoped to get better one day. However, Valeria died in 2013.

3. Tom Staniford – weight 65 kg

Tom Staniford

Skinny people of the world – The Briton, born on July 1, 1989, is one of eight individuals suffering from MDP syndrome in the world. He does not have any subcutaneous fat and is unable to gain weight. To physicians, the explanation for this unusual disorder is still a mystery.

This syndrome didn’t, however, break Tom’s life. He lives an entirely normal life, professional as well as personal. He also became the World Paralympic Cycling Champion in 2011.

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4. Christian Bale – 55 kg

Christian Bale

Is he truly the skinny man in the world? The reader can exclaim outrageously, looking at the magnificent photo of the handsome Hollywood man. And in the movie ‘The Engineer,’ you look at him. One of the most beautiful actors in the world has thrown away 30 kg for the role of a man who has not been asleep for a year. And he began to weigh 55 kilograms at a height of 186 cm, resembling a walking skeleton. And could you, for the sake of art, make such sacrifices? Skinny people of the world

5. Jeremy Gillitzer – weight 30 kg

Jeremy Gillitzer

Jeremy was once a star in the modeling industry, with beautiful shapes and outstanding biceps. But with his weight, he was unhappy and wanted to lose weight. Typically, when they get rid of a few additional pounds, people are satisfied. There was not enough Jeremy. To become even smaller, he took laxatives, while he looked like a mummy. For almost 25 years, Gillitzer struggled with anorexia and bulimia.

His body was, as a result, so empty that the guy could hardly bear it. In June 2010, Jeremy Gillitzzer, who won the dubious title of “the skinny guy in the world” (if you take people of average height), died from eating disorder-related complications.

6. Gul Mohammed – weight 17 kg

Gul Mohammed

Skinny people of the world – In the Indian city of Delhi, in 1957, the most ordinary child was born. It is doubtful that a word such as “pituitary dwarfism” (dwarfism) was known to his parents and sounds like the state that Gul Mohammed suffered. Rarely is it diagnosed before the age of three years.

Gul’s peers grew, and the guy grew very slowly. By adulthood, his height was only 57 centimeters, allowing him, as the shortest person in the world, to join the Guinness Book of Records. Mohammed passed away because of chronic respiratory viral diseases at the age of 40.

7. Chandra Bahadur Dangi – weight 12 kg

Chandra Bahadur Dangi

The shortest man in history died in 2015, with a growth rate of 54.6 centimeters and a weight of 12 kilograms. Chandra Bahadur Dangi, a Nepalese citizen, suffered from congenital midgets throughout his life, but he led a normal lifestyle and made a living by selling jute hats.

Thanks to his title, the man was able to fulfill his dream of visiting other countries and popularizing his native village in the world at the same time.

Curiously, dwarf children can be born just like ordinary parents, so dwarfs can have children with normal development. The cause of dwarfism everything depends on it. Skinny people of the world

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