Small animals that can be easily taken care of


Small animals that can be easily taken care of – “Pocket pets” are what small domestic animals such as gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, and rabbits are called by individuals. In comparison to a dog or cat, many individuals chose to adopt a pocket pet because they are simpler to take care of, and they do not need as much attention as their canine and feline counterparts. You’re out all the time and can not adequately care for a more involved animal, if you live in a small space and can not have a big animal, or whether you just want a pet that is low maintenance and comfortable, pocket pets make perfect companions for non-dog and non-cat people. This guide is intended to help you determine which pocket pet is suitable for your lifestyle and pet-ownership goals with that in mind.

Preparing for Your Pocket Pet

While some small animals are much less maintenance-free than larger animals, it still takes time for you to plan your home for them. Often, this means investing in a terrarium, tank or cage, and accessories designed with the specifications of your potential pet in mind. Many people mistakenly believe that there isn’t a lot of room required for small animals. For their rabbit, they could buy a hutch and line it with a thin layer of shavings, or they could invest in a small tank for their gecko and call it a day, but it is not suitable for these types of environments. Many smaller animals do need plenty of room to run in, leaves to hide under, burrowing shavings, and toys to play with. Although it may be simple and inexpensive to own and care for small animals, setting up their living space is always a costly undertaking.

In this post, we do not have a separate paragraph about rodents, but they are cute.

Easiest Small Animals to Care for and Why They Might be Right for You

Before taking your new pet around, some stuff to bear in mind:

  • A climate-controlled atmosphere is what reptiles need.
  • Rodents prefer toys such as tube mazes and spinning wheels.
  • Most small animals are used as prey, so they have objects to hide under and behind them. For rabbits, this is particularly true.
  • Ferrets are very curious creatures, and so they need to live in a “ferret proofed” environment.
  • To stay emotionally content, some small animals, such as chinchillas and rabbits, require a companion (which can positively affect their lifespan).
  • Many small animals need an indoor setting where they can sleep and relax and an outdoor setting where they can play and run around.
  • Some birds are able to live for up to 80 years, such as parrots. If you’re not willing to make a commitment that high, rethink your decision to buy a bird.
  • For turtles, the same can be said.
  • For up to 40 years, crustaceans such as hermit crabs can live but need a climate-controlled environment. Additionally, their cage would need to expand with them as they grow.
  • Fish can be taken care of reasonably quickly, but only if you stick to the basics, like goldfish or beta fish.

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Small animals that can be easily taken care of


They are nocturnal, though hamsters are fun and active pets, which means that they can be a disappointing pet for small kids. However, a hamster might be perfect for you if you work long days and are home alone only at night, as a hamster is a great company in the evening hours.

Hamsters, with a hamster wheel, tubes, and toys, are relatively low maintenance and can amuse themselves. They need a wire cage with a sturdy bottom that is beautifully padded with shavings to live in.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs and hamsters are often categorized under the same group, but the reality is that they are species that are very distinct. Guinea pigs are much more active and have a much more expressive personality than hamsters. You’ll be able to tell whether he’s happy, sad, crazy, or excited once you get to know your piglet. Guinea pigs prefer a wide-open area where they can run around, graze easily, and be protected from predators, unlike hamsters, who can spend a great deal of time in their own little space and be content. As isolation appears to set in with these animals, which leads to depression, Guinea pigs often need to be with others of their species.


Many people assume that rabbits make perfect pets for small children, but rabbits are hard to care for and temperamental in fact. That’s not to say they don’t make fantastic animals. They do! They are clearly not the “easy animal” that everyone thinks they are. Rabbits are incredibly complex animals, and to be comfortable, they need a very particular environment. To begin with, rabbits should not be placed in an enclosed hutch and left alone. For sleeping and relaxing, they need an enclosed room, but that space must be connected to an outdoor area where they can run around and play safely. Naturally, rabbits are also skittish animals, so they need plenty of coverage to hide from predators, including cats and foxes.

Finally, in order to survive both physically and emotionally, rabbits require a companion of their own kind.


Chinchillas are beautiful, cuddly little animals that seem to make people think all at once of a little dog, kitten, and hamster. These animals, with a happy disposition, are highly intelligent creatures. You can discover that you can also teach them simple tricks for the right treatments once you get to know them and them.

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Chinchillas are nocturnal creatures, including hamsters, and so may not be the ideal animal for little kids who go to bed early. Consider their average lifespan of 15 years if you are buying a chinchilla for your children. That’s a long time to own a small pet, so really think whether when they’re 12, 16, or 18 years old, your child will continue to love and nurture this pet.

It doesn’t take much cleaning for Chinchillas, but they need a reasonably large cage with a dust bath in it. Chinchillas are very passionate about their dust baths, so you need to be prepared to pick up and vacuum up dust on a regular basis if you are going to adopt one of these animals.

Chinchillas require a friend to live with, as do guinea pigs and rabbits.

Mice and Rats

As they are very lively and playful and able to climb robes, run around in tunnels, and put on a show for children, mice are fun animals to watch. They are very squeamish, though, and not easy to maintain. If you want to buy a small animal that can hold and cuddle your kids, you might want to consider buying a rat for them.

Rats are very fond of social contact, and they are extremely smart, making them perfect pets for both children and adults. Rats may become very depressed without attention, thus shortening their lifespan.

They both require enough space for rats and mice, but rats need more than mice. While a large tank might function for a rodent, rats need a multi-level cage, similar to a hutch you might purchase for a gerbil or hamster.


Parrots are stunning, human like creatures, as playful, lively, and intelligent as they are. However, parrots have the ability to live for up to 80 years, as humans do. For this reason, it is not recommended that a parent purchase a parrot for their little boy. You should be old enough and at a stage in your life to make that kind of long-term commitment if you are going to invest in a parrot, particularly given that parrots become very attached to their people over time.

They need an area the size of a small room (at least) to fly around in. Parrots should not be put in a small birdcage. They should clean their cage every other day and cover it with a thin layer of gravel.

Hermit Crabs

As pets, hermit crabs don’t get enough credit, which is a shame, because they are really active, fascinating, and social little creatures. Although hermit crabs can be great fun for kids, after all, when their little friend outgrows hers, they get to pick out cool new shells, they need more interaction than most kids are prepared for. When taken properly care of, hermit crabs can live for up to 30 years. Proper treatment means giving them an atmosphere with a continuous temperature of 75 degrees. They love moisture, so they promote regular misting. They also need sand to dig in, climb rocks and hide out in places.


Ferrets are like cats a lot: autonomous, curious, and mischievous. They make great pets, though, as they’re highly energetic and smart. Children particularly love ferrets, and they can be the faithful and low-maintenance companion you want if properly educated. Bear in mind, however, that your home should be ferret-proofed because of their interest, with all things that could probably hurt or trap your pet up and out of control.

Talk to an Experienced Veterinarian About the Best Small animals for Your Lifestyle

Small animals can make perfect pets with low maintenance. That being said, each living creature also needs its owners to provide a proper living atmosphere, a healthy diet, care and nurturing, and sufficient medical care. If all of this sounds like something you should provide for your pet, speak to the United Veterinary Center veterinarians for advice about what small animal will make you the best pet.

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