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Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With X, Y, Z | Spanish name for a girlfriendXena – A girlfriend with a beautiful and broad heart. Xoxo – A nickname that reflects kisses and hugs.

Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With Y

Yummers – A girlfriend who is too kind and too sweet.

Yummy – A girlfriend who is friendly and desirable.

Cute Nicknames for Girlfriend That Start With Z

Zany – A girlfriend that soothes your troubled mind.

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What are some cute names to call your Girlfriend in Spanish?

Amada – This translates as “Darling.”

Amante – That means “Lover.”

Azúcar (ahthukar) – That means “Sugar.”

Bebé (behbeh) – That means “Baby.”

Bella (Belyaah) – A lovely Spanish nickname that means “Lovely.”

Bichito (beecheetoh) – It means “Little bug.” Your girlfriend might use it as an affectionate pet name.

Bombón (bombohn) –It means “The Piece of Chocolate.”

Bomboncito (bombohnthetoh) – The diminutive of “Bombón,” which gives a far sweeter feeling to the nickname.

Bonita (Boonitah) – Used to describe girls who are “pretty” and “attractive.

Caramela (kahrahmela) – A nickname for “as sweet as candy” girls.

Caramelita (kahrahmelitoh) – Close to that of “Candy.”

Cari (karee) – A sweet nickname in Spanish for a loving girlfriend.

Chiqui (cheekee) – That means “Chiquito,” a tiny something. It can be used for someone you want to sweetly talk to.

Chiquita (Cheeqeeta) – It may also be used as an affectionate pet name, although it means “petite.”

Churri (choorree) –From the term “Churro,” a Spanish pastry that was much enjoyed. A cheesy Spanish nickname, but a lovely name to call a girlfriend of yours.

Conejito (konejhito) –It’s “Little Bunny

Corazón de melón (kohrahthohn deh melon) – It means “melon-heart,” and it is used for someone who is considered to be caring and sweet.

Cosita linda (koseetah lindah) – It means “Gorgeous Thing.”

Cuchi cuchi (kuchee kuchee) – This is a cheesy Spanish nickname, but adorable, used for someone you find cute and sweet.

Cuerpo (kuehrpoh) – It means “body,” which is a nickname used to describe someone who is very physically attractive.

Empanada dulce (Empanada Doolsay) – A cute Spanish nickname meaning “sweet pie” for girlfriend.

Enamorada (Enormoradah) – It means Valentine

Enana (enanha) – It means “little person.” However, she doesn’t have to be brief, it’s like calling a baby to someone.

Estrella (Estraaya) – That means “Star.”

Galletita (gahyeteetah) – It means “Cookie,” and for a girlfriend, it can be used as a cute name.

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Hermosa (ehrmohsa) – A cute nickname in Spanish for a cute girlfriend.

Luz de mis ojos (louth deh mees ohjos) – “It means “My Eyes’ Light.

Mami (mamee) –  A very cute Spanish name For a sweet lady

Mamita (mameetah) –A variation of the “Mami” nickname.

Maravillosa (MaraaVeeOcer) – It means “splendid.”

Mariposa (Mareaposa) – Your “butterfly” little one.

Melosa (melohsah) – An affectionate name for a girlfriend in Spanish.

Mi Angelita (Ankelita) –Somebody who takes care of you, your “angel” guardian.

Mi Cariño (khareenyoh) – And that means “My Love.”

Mi Chiquilla (Cheeqeeya) – Your “baby girl.”

Mi Cielito (Sellito) – You might also say “Pedacito de Cielo,” meaning “little piece of heaven.” It means “my little sky.”

Mi cielo (theeelleoh) – That means “The Sky.”

Mi Corazón (Koorasun) – You’d say ‘my sweetheart’ in English.

Mi Dulce amiga (Doolsay Amiga) – It means “My Dear Friend”

Mi Julieta (huleeatah) – Juliet, from Shakespeare’s novel about Romeo and Juliet.

Mi Mujer (Moo-Hair) – So that means “my wife.”

Mi Niña (neenyah) – For a beautiful girlfriend, that means “My Little Girl.”

Mi Princesa (printhesah) – That means “The Princess.”

Mi Reina (raynah) – That means “The queen.”

Mi Sol (soy) – This means “My sun.”

Mi tierra – “My world” will be a near translation of that

Mi Tigresa (teegrehsah) – That means “The Tiger.”

Mi Alma (ahlmah) – Mi Amor (ahmohr) – That means “Love.”

Mi corazón (kohrathon) – It means “The Heart.”

Mi Dulce de leche (dullthe deh lehcheh) – In Spanish-speaking nations, a common “candy”.

Mi luz (luth) – This means ‘My Sun.’

Mi muñeca (moonyehkah) – That means “My Doll.”

Mi Tesoro (tehsohroh) – “My Treasure”

Mi vida (beedah) – This means “My life.”

Mimoso (meemosoh) – For your girlfriend, a sweet Spanish name.

Muñeca (moonyekah) – That means “doll.”

Nena (nenah) – An informal way to name a girlfriend of yours.

Ninfa (kneenphah) – For a beautiful and sexy female, it means ‘Nymph.’

Ojazos (ohjathohs) – This Spanish nickname means “big eyes” and is used to refer to a woman with beautiful eyes.

Ojitos (ohjeetos) – It means “Little Eyes,” and a girl with charming eyes may be able to use it.

Osito (ohseetoh) – This means “The Little Bear.”

Pastelito (passteleetoh) – That means “Small Cake.”

Peluche (pehlucheh) – For your favorite cuddle buddy, it means “Stuffed Animal.” A sweet Spanish nickname.

Preciosa mía (prethioah meea) – “It means “My Precious.” Your girlfriend’s adorable Spanish nickname.

Querida (KerriDa) – It may have been translated as “beloved.”

Regalito (rregalitho) – It means “Small Present.”

Ricitos (rreetheetos) – For a curly-haired girlfriend.

Runga (rroungah) – For someone you consider to be sweet and lovable.

Señorita (sehnyoritah) – For a girlfriend that is Posh.

Tía Buena (teeah booenah) – A nickname in Spanish for an attractive girl.

Trozo de pan (trohthoh deh pahn)  For an alluring girlfriend.

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