The 10 Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own


The 10 Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own – When it comes to accepting pets into your home, every pet needs to be cared for and loved. When you’re a busy person, though, it’s just not possible to spend every waking moment looking after a pet. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to bring home an animal, you just have to find the right one. Many animals need less grooming and care; many are simply cheaper to possess than some of the alternatives that are more high-maintenance. So if you’re looking for something that makes sense for your kids, for the lifestyle of your working parents, or for the constraints of your apartment, these are the animals you should consider bringing home with low maintenance.

The 10 Most Low-Maintenance Pets You Can Own

Betta fish

Low-Maintenance Pets – Christopher Adams, the founder of ModestFish, says that before people realize how much work needs to be put into them, fish are often ‘seen as low-maintenance pets’. Usually, however, that’s because individuals prefer the wrong types of fish. Go to Betta if you want a low-maintenance fish.

It is recommended that you buy a five-gallon aquarium kit that is the perfect size for the Betta fish, “Betta fish are stunning, really hardy, and you can have an awesome Betta fish are an amazing, really hardy, low-maintenance setup, and you can have an awesome low-maintenance setup. When your tank is done, you just have to fill it with fresh water every day—or use an automated fish tank maintenance system—and refill 15 percent of the water regularly.


Low-Maintenance Pets – Let’s face it, dogs aren’t really creatures of low maintenance at all. They need a great deal of compassion, care, and dedication. But if you want to bring a precious pooch into your family, The lower maintenance has more desirable characteristics. According to people on Instagram, Pugs are said to be the best dog breeds to buy.

“We’ve never taken him into a dog groomer. His short hair doesn’t need any trimming,” JP says. And the truth is, we only walk him about 30 minutes a day, and for about 10 minutes we play fetch or tug of war, and that’s enough to keep him in shape.”And the truth is, we only walk him about 30 minutes a day, and play fetch or tug of war for about 10 minutes, and that’s enough to keep him in shape.”

Stick insects

Pets are not confined to animals that are fuzzy or fish. Conservatory garden worker Elliot Blacker, the founder of Evopure, recommends stick insects, also referred to as stick bugs, as the perfect low-maintenance bird. Their small, twig-like size makes them easy to house in small spaces such as “small glass containers” or “cages around 12 inches tall,” and they are also not severe in their dietary habits. Blacker says he’s able to live off a “diet of blackberries, oak, rose, and ivy.”


Low-Maintenance Pets – Instead, consider a rabbit if you want a cute, cuddly pet, but you’re not ready to commit to a pupa. As the owner of the pet, despite being a specialist in cat and dog welfare, Gilles Ventejol, founder of Animal Patient, recommends rabbits.

“I got a dwarf rabbit upon the insistent and repeated requests of my children to have an animal,” he says. “I must say I’m quite pleased with the rabbit. She has the right to go anywhere she wants in the flat without being interrupted. The vet expenditures are minimal, and she eats basically hay and stale bread with sometimes a carrot or an apple. Furthermore, she is very interested when it comes to new experiences at home.


Low-Maintenance Pets – According to PetMD, there are many kinds of turtles out there to be called a pet, about 270 to be exact. If you’re looking for the kind you can put in a standard terrarium, consider a smaller turtle that grows up to a height of nine or twelve inches, like a painted turtle.

Turtles are easy to feed because they don’t need to be fed every day. All you need to do is feed the turtle four to five days a week, and insects, fish, and dark, leafy greens are usually eaten by most turtles. Maintaining the temperature of the water, keeping the water clean, and regularly feeding it, is the secret of taking good care of the turtle, which is not a lot of work in keeping the pets. But one thing to consider is that, for a time, the turtles are going to live. For example, a painted turtle can live for up to 30 years.

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Hermit crabs

Low-Maintenance Pets – If you’re scared by the lifespan of a turtle, go for a hermit crab instead! Hermit crabs really only live for at most 10 years, according to Pet Smart, and only grow up to 6 inches in length. What you need in terms of the home is a terrarium lined with “two to three inches of washed aquarium gravel or fine reptile bark bedding.” with at least five gallons of space out of direct sunlight. In addition, their diet consists of small pellets or powdered foods.


Ants normally don’t pop into your head when you’re thinking of buying cute, cuddly pets. Keeping ants, however, is a nice, fascinating way for young children to feel like they are “own pets,” without parents having to feel like they need to “taking care” of their pets for a long time.

A lot of work is done by the ants for an ant farm. According to Allie Layos of Big Open Cats, all you need to do is keep the temperature between 60 and 70 degrees, cover the ants at night, give them enough water with either a damp cotton ball or a few drops, and provide food such as small pieces of fruit and vegetables. Also, after the ants have built their tunnels, be careful not to move the ant farm because it could cause a collapse that could kill or damage the ants.


If the turtles and hermit crabs are not your vibe, consider the marine animals with even lower maintenance: sea-monkeys! Ashley Peeling, regional marketing manager at the property management company CLV Group, is a key advocate for this tank-based household pet.

“For starters, they require little to no work, as they only need to be fed once or twice a week,” she says. “For hygienic purposes, one simple tank wash a month should do the trick as well. Kids are always mesmerized by Sea-Monkeys, making them the perfect pet; they’ll just sit and stare at them for hours. And their life span is roughly two years, which is also an ideal length. So, overall, they’re inexpensive, low-maintenance, and getting one is certainly not a big commitment.”

Guinea pigs

Low-Maintenance Pets – However, you don’t have to settle on a tank-living, aquatic animal just because you want a low-maintenance pet. Get a guinea pig if you ever want something sweet and sweet to cling on. Typically, these little rodents live for five to six years and only need to survive: cage, bedding, food, and water. What makes the perfect low-maintenance companion for guinea pigs is that they are very busy without needing anything from their owner. Your children may have the pleasure of a pet they can play with, but they don’t take a lot of money or effort on the part of their parents.


Butterflies are a nice outdoor sight to see, but they’re also a good insect to see inside your home. Since they are born as caterpillars, children can learn a lot from their metamorphosis and have only a complete life span of six to eight months, including metamorphosis. You just need a common plant to feed them, to raise them from a caterpillar, and sticks for them to wander around, particularly at the beginning of their lives. With items around the house, you can make your own home for them or buy a butterfly kit.

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