The Best Pokemon Go Nicknames


The Best Pokemon Go Nicknames – If you haven’t played in almost three years, since the last time you played, logging back into the game will reveal some major advancements. First and foremost, from four more generations of games, many new forms of Pokemon have been introduced, with Pokemon from the area of U nova steadily rolling out.

This means you can catch well over 500 unique types of Pokemon in the game, which means you’ll need to work hard to fill out the latest additions to your Pokedex. There are also regular and weekly challenges and rewards for everyday play, and an in-game weather system that offers the ability to find various types of Pokemon depending on your area’s weather and time of day. There’s also an improved tracking system that makes it a lot simpler than it was three years ago to locate Pokemon. The Best Pokemon Go Nicknames

But it’s not enough just to have more than 500 catchable Pokemon in your growing set. You have to name them, too. For naming your Pokemon captured in Pokemon Go, everybody has their own methods. We all have our own naming systems for our Poke-mates, whether you use the names of your real-world friends, the names of famous and influential memes, or you name them like you would name a real-life pet. Often, however, for your new catch or hatch, you can’t quite think of the proper name. No matter how hard you try, your brand new Pinsir, Clefairy, or Pichu doesn’t seem to match anything. And this is where we’re moving in.

For both your Pokemon and your virtual trainer, we’ve found a lot of unique names, some of which are original and some gathered online from common posts or memes. There are some funny and imaginative titles, perfect for making some of our favorite friends feel like ours. Let’s go to the list for a look. The Best Pokemon Go Nicknames

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Eevee Nicknames

To players new to the Pokemon franchise, Eevee might seem like a bit of an odd Pokemon. Eevee’s a small, fennec fox-like Normal-type Pokemon introduced in the original games, Pokemon Red, Green (in Japan), and Blue (international). In the original games, set in the Kanto region, you’re given Eevee as a gift in Celadon City, along with an explanation that Eevee can evolve into three separate Pokemon: Jolteon, the electric-type; Vaporeon, the water-type; and Flareon, the fire-type. For each of these evolutions, you can use various elemental stones purchasable in the game to evolve your Eevee: water stone for Vaporeon, thunder stone for Jolteon, and fire stone for Flareon. Seems simple enough, but when Pokemon Go released in 2016, the only in-game items outside of Pokeballs were revives, potions, and berries. No stones at all. The Best Pokemon Go Nicknames

So, to most players, it seemed at first Eevee’s evolutions might be entirely random, a roulette wheel you have to spin when you have enough Eevee candies to evolve an Eevee. Pretty quickly, though, Pokemon Go trainers learned nicknames played a huge role in how your Eevee evolved. Depending on the nickname, you could force your Eevee to evolve into Jolteon, Flareon, or Vaporeon. Here’s the guide, along with an explainer on where the name came from. Spoiler alert—they’re all from the long-running Pokemon anime. The Best Pokemon Go Nicknames

To evolve your Eevee into a Jolteon, name your Eevee Sparky, named after the electric-type Eevee brother in the anime. In the show, Sparky uses a Jolteon when he battles against Team Rocket. Sparky might also reference a rival Pikachu that Ash meets in the first season of Pokemon. Sparky and his owner, Richie, make several appearances in the Original Series, both in Kanto and Johto, as well as in the Advanced Generation series and in flashback during “Best Wishes!” The Best Pokemon Go Nicknames
To evolve your Eevee into a Vaporeon, name your Eevee Rainer, named after the water-type Eevee brother in the anime.
To evolve your Eevee into a Flareon, name your Eevee Pyro, named after—you guessed it—the fire-type Eevee brother in the anime.

All three of those brothers appeared in episode forty of the anime, along with their youngest brother Mikey, who had an unevolved Eevee with him. The Best Pokemon Go Nicknames

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