The Hard Truth About Rear Bumper Repair Costs


The Hard Truth About Rear Bumper Repair Costs – Regardless of whether you have a repaired or removed rear bumper. In order to remove it, you would have to add in the labor costs, including any shoes, lamps, or trim parts. Sanding, painting, and drying are next (unless you find a substitute that has already been painted). Then, it is put back together.

Autobody repair shops usually charge anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour. How long would repairs to the rear bumper take? It relies on many variables, including the extent of the injury, the model of the vehicle, and the type of paint. As well as if there are any cameras that need to be replaced or sensors. Reparations will usually take anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days to complete.

Thankfully, we’ll cover everything you need to know in this post. Including what a bumper is, its anatomy, and whether fixing or removing one is better. Finally, if insurance covers for rear bumper repairs and what to expect if there’s frame damage, we’ll search.

What is a Bumper and What are they Comprised of?

In the past, the bumpers were solid metal parts. Today, they are made up of many parts that work together to absorb impact force in the event of a collision (often referred to as 5-MPH bumpers). As this name indicates, 5-MPH bumpers should remain free from damage (other than slight cosmetic defects) in an accident at or below this threshold.

Next, there’s a bumper cover made from a combination of polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (PC and ABS). In simpler terms, they are made of lightweight, robust plastic. Under the cover is a layer of impact absorbing Styrofoam, which is part of the ‘Crumple Zone.’

And there are bumper mounts, which are made of either plastic, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Like the Styrofoam, the brackets are often designed to withstand the impact force from a low-speed collision. Drive it away from the passenger compartment. The nice thing about this structure is that instead of removing the entire bumper, you might need a single part, such as the cover.

Additional parts include the brake light assembly and any trim parts. As well as all alarm systems or sensors (rear-view camera, backup sensors, etc.)

Now that you know what the bumper is, what the anatomy looks like. Let’s take a look at when it’s easier to patch one, and when to replace one.

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Factors That Influence Whether to Repair/Replace a Rear Bumper

To help you decide whether to fix or install a rear bumper, here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Extent of Damage

The first one is the magnitude of the damage. There will definitely be more to think about in a serious accident than just the cover, meaning the Styrofoam and brackets as well. Even if the findings are small, you can always have your bumper tested by an expert to ensure that it has not lost its ability to keep you safe. If so, rather than just fixing cosmetic problems, you would be wise to replace the entire system.

  • Foreign/Luxury Cars

Typically, parts for foreign cars are more expensive. Perhaps not for generic models, such as a Toyota Camry or a Nissan Altima, but certainly for anything less common, such as a Toyota Supra or Nissan 350Z. This is mainly due to the extra shipping costs from overseas having them.

The same goes for luxury cars, especially luxury cars from abroad. Another explanation why a luxury component could cost more is that more electronics are typically tied into their bumpers. Dealing with things like sensors and cameras makes it take longer to fix or replace, and things add up quickly at $50 to $100.

  • Paint Type

Although the type of finish can have a little effect on the cost, the reason we mention it is that some are harder to match. A significant variation in color is likely to occur in certain forms of paint, such as pearl-coats or metallics. With one of these types of paint, if you want to patch a bumper. The shop is likely to have to blend it into other panels of the body (depending on the location of the damage).

You might consider removing the bumper rather than fixing it for this purpose. Be sure to check if your model manufacturer provides a paint-to-match option, which not only reduces costs but also looks better.

You now have a clear understanding of when a rear bumper should be fixed or replaced. Let’s look at the costs related to repairs.

How Much Do Rear Bumper Repairs Cost? – The Hard Truth About Rear Bumper Repair Costs

As long as the bumper’s ability to shield you from harm has not been damaged, the safest way to go maybe to patch it. In terms of prices, here is what you would expect:

  • Parts

The Hard Truth About Rear Bumper Repair Costs – When fixing a bumper, the cost of parts is kept to a minimum. Most of it comes down to draw. Typically, whites are the least costly, and reds cost the most. Pearlescent or metallic colors often bring a premium, as we discussed earlier. Usually, a quart costs from $25 and $150.

  • Labor

Body shops sometimes charge between $50 and $100 per hour, often more, as mentioned earlier. The store would probably have to remove the bumper first unless it is very minor damage (as well as any cameras, sensors, or trim pieces). Filling and glazing, heat repairs, and paint-less dent repairs are repair options (PDR).

Filling and glazing involve sanding down the affected region and then filling-in with a putty. It must be colored and blended, then. In order to manually push/pull out the dent, heat repair includes using an oxyacetylene torch to heat the affected area. Painting does not always need this process. For PDR, which is typically a less expensive option for small to big dents, the same applies (not scratches or cracks).

Depending on the process used, and whether any paint is required. The average repair time for a rear bumper is around 3 days. This involves removing the bumper, carrying out the patch, drying time, and installation. Since you are not paid when the paint is drying, minor repairs are likely to take 4 to 6 hours of real labor.  

The Hard Truth About Rear Bumper Repair Costs

Nobody Ever Said Bumper Repair Was Fun

A broken bumper sucks, that’s the reality of it. Thankfully, you should at least have a clearer idea of how to not get hustled during a repair after reading this post. Just because you’ve got a rear end, or you’ve got a pole back, doesn’t mean a hefty bill. With a slight impact, there’s a decent chance that a fix is possible. If not, the bumper cover might just need to be replaced. Regardless, make sure to get a few quotes to be on the safe side if it turns out you need to replace the entire structure.

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