Cost Of Vacation In Ontario

Cost Of Vacation In Ontario

When anyone thinks of Canada, they think of Ontario, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Canada. Ontario is one of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada. Located in Central Canada, it is Canada’s most populous province accounting for 38.3 percent of the country’s population and is the second-largest province in total area.

Ontario is the fourth-largest jurisdiction in total area when the territories of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are included. It is home to the nation’s capital city, Ottawa, and the nation’s most populous city, Toronto, which is also Ontario’s provincial capital.

Ontario is just the best vacation destination for you because a lot to see, do and learn is waiting for you. If you consider going on vacation in Ontario, here are the things you need to know before booking a flight.

Some Key Facts about Ontario:

  • Ontario’s more than 250,000 lakes contain about one-fifth of the world’s freshwater
  • in summer, temperatures can soar above 30°C (86°F), while in winter they can drop below -40°C (-40°F)
  • Ontario’s industries range from cultivating crops to mining minerals, to manufacturing automobiles, to designing software and leading-edge technology
  • cultures from around the world thrive and are celebrated in Ontario with festivals such as Caribbean Carnival, Oktoberfest, and the Canadian Aboriginal Festival
  • travelers can enjoy the many experiences Ontario has to offer, from a wilderness expedition in the north to a “shop till you drop into your theatre seat” city excursion

Languages in Ontario

English is Ontario’s official language, though there are several French-speaking communities across the province. French language rights have been extended to the province’s legal and educational systems. Government services are provided in English and French in many designated regions across the province.

Religion in Ontario

The majority of Ontario’s population is Christian, with 65 percent of the population identifying with a Christian denomination, according to the 2011 National Household Survey. Following Christianity, the religions with the most followers are Islam (5 percent), Hinduism (3 percent), and Judaism (2 percent). Those who are claiming no religious affiliation number 23 percent.

Health Services in Ontario

Money from taxes is pooled together to fund a health care system often referred to as medicare. While the federal government sets guidelines, each province and territory is responsible for administering its own health care insurance plan; funding for the plan comes from both governments.

As with other provinces and territories, certain services in Ontario are not covered by the provincial health insurance plan. These include going to the dentist, prescription drugs, and routine eye exams for those between the ages of 20 and 64.

Hospital and medical fees aren’t free for visitors, so it’s critical to take out adequate travel health insurance before departure. Indeed, it’s unlikely that treatment will be given without being able to prove that one has the appropriate insurance.

Safety and Security

Regarding traveler safety, Canada is a safe country to visit but, as with anywhere, it’s important to apply basic common sense when out and about to protect one’s belongings and also to take advice as to any places to avoid.


Canada is the world’s second-biggest country in square miles and boasts stunning scenery that’s so diverse with mountains, rainforests, glaciers, and beaches, all within six different time zones. Southern Ontario’s climate, for example, is temperate, and most places within 200km of the US border enjoy short hot summers and cold winters.

The Canada PR visa fee for the primary applicant at now is CAD $550 (primary applicant)+ Right of PR fee– CAD $490. Spouse/common-law partner or family member fee– CAD $550+ Right of PR free $490. Child (Under 22 years of age) – CAD $150

Daily Cost in Ontario?

How much money will you need in Ontario? CA$202 ($153) is the average daily price for traveling in Ontario. The average price of meals in Ontario for one day is CA$37 ($28). The average price of a hotel in Ontario for a couple is CA$213 ($161). Additional pricing is in the table below. These average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

Activities in Ontario

One of the simplest activities you can do in Ontario involves the city of Toronto and your feet. This city is full of so many interesting and eclectic neighborhoods that you can find yourself entertained for a whole day by simply strolling the streets around the city.

You may also consider catching a show at the world-famous Toronto location of Second City. This comedy improv theatre has hilarious shows that involve the audience over dinner and drinks.

The city of Toronto is full of exciting activities, but if you’re dying to get back to nature, there are plenty of activities available in Ontario. Hiking trails, for example, are available for most experience levels. The Sleeping Giant is a series of flat-topped mountains, or mesas, in the shape of a human body near Thunder Bay.

You can also hike through Temagami’s Old Growth Forest and canoe Lake Temagami. Should you take a weekend and camp out at Bruce National Park, you can walk the Bruce Trail from Tobermory to Niagara Falls.

To visit another world, take a boat tour of shipwrecks of the past at Fathom Five National Marine Park, or take a haunted ghost walk in Hamilton. This spooky tour walks you down dark alleys and haunted buildings where you may encounter a friendly ghost or two.

Food and Dining

Given the massive popularity of the Ontario Province, the cuisine has been influenced by almost every major culture in the world. The Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Golden Horseshoe, and Niagara Falls regions all offer wide varieties of cuisine from Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Latin American, Japanese, fast food, and French. With so many tourists flowing in and out of Toronto and Ottawa, you’ll likely find the most variety in those cities.

Transportation in Ontario

Ontario is a large region, so the car is the most convenient and practical way to get around the province. If you plan on traveling Northern Ontario, a car is pretty much your only option along the TransCanada Highway. Driving in Ontario is much like driving in most Western areas of the world.

If you plan on staying in the Golden Horseshoe, the GO Transit bus system is an option. Your fare is determined by the distance you are traveling, and the buses provide inter-city travel. If buses are not available, some routes are covered by the VIA Rail services.

Places to Visit in Ontario:



Among the world’s most culturally diverse cities, Toronto is a place where over 140 different languages are spoken. It is one of the world’s most visited international destinations. Toronto is a wonderfully vibrant, big-time city that is constantly buzzing with activity.

Visitors will discover that some of the finest restaurants in the world can be found here, alongside trendy clubs and bars, and eclectic festivals. Some of the city’s top attractions include the St. Lawrence Market, CN Tower, Toronto Island Park, Art Gallery of Ontario, and Royal Ontario Museum. The delightfully colorful and temperate fall and spring seasons are a marvelous time to visit this breathtakingly beautiful city.

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a regional municipality of Southeastern Ontario, Canada. The city serves as a central port along the Niagara River, opposite its United States counterpart, New York. The city also overlooks the Horseshoe, sometimes referred to as the Canadian Falls, a crescent-shaped cataract measuring 177 feet in height. This portion of the falls carries approximately nine times the amount of water that the United States side does.

The two countries are connected by several bridges that include the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge, and the Rainbow Bridge. Niagara Falls offers a myriad of fascinating attractions, such as Queen Victoria Park, the Skylon Tower, and Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens.

3. Ottawa

The capital of Canada, Ottawa, is located in southeast Ontario, near the U.S. border and neighboring city of Montreal. Situated along the shimmering Ottawa River, the city boasts marvelous Victorian architecture and world-renowned museums that include the National Gallery of Canada.

During the summer, the park-lined Rideau Canal is overflowing with boats; during the winter, however, visitors will find plenty of ice-skaters taking advantage of the frozen conditions. One of Ottawa’s top attractions is its legislature complex, better known as Parliament Hill.

Located on Crown land, The Hill is a magnificent display of Gothic revival architecture. From Winterlude to the Canadian Tulip Festival to Canada Day, Ottawa is a vibrant city with much to celebrate.

4. Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park consists of nearly 3,000 square miles situated between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay in Ontario. It’s home to rocky ridges, maple hills, thousands of lakes, and over 750 miles of rivers and streams as well as various plants and wildlife like wolves, moose, deer, and beaver.

The park provides visitors with an array of outdoor activities year-round, including camping, fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, and day hiking. There are 19 interpretive trails throughout the park ranging in length and difficulty from 0.62 to 7.21 miles. Each trail is equipped with a trail guide and is designed to introduce visitors to a particular aspect of Algonquin’s history of ecology.

5. Burlington

Burlington is situated between Niagara Falls and Toronto along the edge of Lake Ontario. A magnificent city that often gets overlooked, Burlington boasts exquisite gastronomy, gorgeous gardens, a thriving art scene, historic architecture, and several famed natural areas.  The latter includes the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the Mount Nemo Conservation Area, and Spencer Smith Park.

It is home to several unique attractions, including the Brant Street Pier, a nearly 450-foot, S-shaped pier extending out over Lake Ontario and the legendary Discovery Landing, a 14,200-square-foot landmark building. It boasts an observatory outfitted with grand, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the picturesque Royal Centennial Pond.

Ontario, in Canada, is indeed an amazing place to spend your vacation. It is quite an exciting and delightful place. Thousands of people from different parts of the world visit Ontario yearly for vacation sake. The truth is that you have so many fantastic places to visit and things to do that will not make your vacation boring. If you find this article helpful to you, do not hesitate to share. Thank you.

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