Facebook Account Hacked: How to Recover Your Account ✅

Facebook Account Hacked: How to Recover Your Account ✅


Facebook is one popular social media that cut across the world. Billions of people around the world use Facebook, for whatever purpose, you should just know that Facebook has drawn so many people around one platform.

Thus, it is a matter of common knowledge that famous things especially when famous for good speciality are always prone to some attacks for whatever reason is the attack. And that is where the account hacking comes in.


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Facebook users are faced with the hacking of their account every now and then, nevertheless, Facebook in its bid to remain at the top has got you covered and as such has provided ways to recover your hacked account. And there are ways to get your account secured so it cannot even be a subject of hackers.

In this article, I am going to be showing you how to recover your hacked Facebook account and to be more protective of your account and make it secure such that it cannot be hacked.

How do you know your account is hacked?

If you do log into your account often and take notes of what you are viewing, you can easily discover when your Facebook account is hacked. There are some ways you can tell if your account is hacked, such as:

  • When you discover your username has changed, or the email address you entered on Facebook has changed, or birthday or even password, and this seems to be the most common ways hackers hack your Facebook account.
  • You may also discover your account has been hacked when a friend request is sent out to someone you do not know and you did not send the request.
  • Or you noticed that messages were sent through your account which you did not write or send
  • Also, when you see posts appears on your timeline, which you did not post, then your account has been hacked.

Check if really your account is hacked

Perhaps it is not your password that has been changed nor you email address in which case Facebook usually sent a message to your mail to confirm the change, you can check in your account to see whether your account has been hacked following just some simple steps.

Go to the bars with the arrow at the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page, click that and then among the options in the main menu select Settings then select security and login then ‘where you are logged in’. That should bring a list of all the locations you were when you logged into your account and the devices you have used to log into your account. So, if perchance there is a detail you do not recognize then perhaps your account has been hacked.

And by the right-hand corner, there is an option ‘not you?’ you can click on that where you recognize an activity that is not you. Then, click on ‘secure account’ then you will follow some few steps and get your account secured then, click ‘get started’

Ways to recover your hacked account

  • If only your password is changed, you can go to forgot password on the Facebook login page, Facebook will walk you through few steps such that you will need to provide either your username or email address or phone number. Then your profile will be found and a recovery code will be sent to the option you selected. Enter the code and choose to continue and you will be directed to where you set a new password and then your account is recovered.

Keep your account safe

Utilize all of the facebook various security features to keep your account safe.

Go to settings then security login, and you can find all of facebook security features

You can turn on login alerts to be notified any time unauthorized person log into your account

Also, you can enable two-factor authentication to strengthen your security

Better still you can choose trusted contacts and add few close persons that can help you recover your account in case of any hack

Final thought

With these cautions, you can stay safe online without fear of your Facebook account being hacked.

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