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The Facebook word games are games input by the Facebook officials to make the social media platform educative and also fun. There are various types of word games found on Facebook. For example wordy, word challenge, word search, words with friends and scrabble. The above-mentioned games are the top 5 Facebook word games.

With these games, it makes the use of Facebook lively, interactive and very interesting. The game can be played among Facebook friends, all you have to do is to log in your Facebook account and play the game with friends or by yourself.

Below are the word games that are being played on Facebook:


This game test your ability in creating words with a set of challenging multiplayer and single-player. The game application consists of many word games which include Text Twist Clone. It scrabble combination that makes it looks almost similar to scrabble tiles. These tiles need to be moved and put in blank tiles in order to make words that make meaning.

In this game, the players are able to play the game with as many Facebook users as possible. The game is totally fun and very educative and the multi-players mode features the single-player.

Wordy Challenge

The game which was developed by play fish is one of the best Facebook word games which have been played online recently. This game allows the players to form many words from a group of alphabets. A timer is set for the player to make as much as four, three, five and six words before it runs out.

Immediately a word is being formed, the players are expected to click on the green box with a marked sign inside it in order to submit the word and to check also if the word created is found in the in-game dictionary. The players can also re-order the alphabets by clicking on the red box with arrow sign inside it and to shuffle the alphabets by clicking on the space bar, with the Ctrl key if they want to change rounds. They can move to the next level by clicking on the yellow button by their left.

Points are being earned by the players for every word they create and that is entered correctly and through this, they receive special coins which are used in unlocking various game modes like quick-fire Turbo mode.

10,000 coins earned, is used to unlock these game modes and they can be earned in single-player mode or multiplayer mode(which is a challenge mode).

Word Search

The game was developed by Mindjolt games, and can now be played on Facebook also. This game gives an interesting group of words which makes the players look for words. It also makes the game fun and searching fun by adding various fun facts to the game, like power-ups that help players to find words fast and easy. These special power-ups can be gained by earning points after searching for words in the game.

Words can be searched either diagonally, horizontally, the use of power-ups or vertically. They also provide booster which can be used to double the player’s score of the word.

All the above features listed makes the game very interesting for players and also fun.

Word with friends

This scrabble-like game that is available for IOS and Android users can now be played on the Facebook platform. With the aid of nifty cross-platform, it gives a chance for IOS and Android users to be able to play their active games in the Facebook platform online. In these game, the players are to play against their Facebook friends or any player.

The game is based on turn whereby Facebook notify your opponent when you complete your turn. When your opponent clicks on the notification alerts, it will take them straight to the game board where they can continue to spell words.

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