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The following steps below helps to tell how to sell on Amazon. If followed as stated, it will teach you how to make your sales and also start up a business:

Step 1

The business owner is advised to write the list of the products they want to sell on Amazon marketplace. Also, the amount of money they will spend to start up an Amazon business depends on where they are buying the products from.    The products that want to be sold on Amazon can be purchased from different sources namely:

Wholesale suppliers:

Here, the business owner buys their products from a wholesale company and the can be able to resell the products wherever they like, including Amazon.

Retail stores:

The business owner buys the products from an online retail store or from a local retail store and then resell the products on Amazon. This process is known as retail arbitrage.

Private label manufacturers:

In this aspect, the business owners customize and modify their own products to sell on Amazon, including Amazon.

Step 2

The customers then sees your products and order for it. The business owner receives a notification to ship the products to the customer’s location.

Step 3

When the products are being delivered to the customers, the business owner is to confirm the shipment.

Step 4

Or the business owner can also let Amazon deliver the products to the customer via Easy ship or FBA. Afterwards, Amazon deposits the payment into the business owner account and deduct their fees.

How Much You Need To Sell On Amazon

In starting an Amazon business, there are five (5) costs that the business owner is expected to pay. The amounts are ranged on how much the business owner is willing to invest in the business.

Below are the 5 cost directly associated to starting an Amazon business.

  1. To buy initial inventory. ($150)
  2. To open an Amazon account. ($39.99)
  3. In products branding or creating a logo for your products. ($24)
  4. To buy UPC codes. ($10)
  5. To invest in the products photography. (Free-$295)

Therefore the total amount that is spent on starting an Amazon business ranges from the sum of $224 to $518.

Opening An Amazon Account

The following steps guide on how to open an Amazon account in order to sell on Amazon.

  • Login to
  • Slide down and click on the “selling on Amazon” button.
  • You are to chose between “sell as an individual” or “sell as a professional” but as a beginner you are advised to select “sell as an individual”. For professional seller account, Amazon charges $39.99 per month and charges $0.99 per sales.
  • A form will be provided to be filled with the required information and immediately it is filled and submitted, you become an official Amazon seller.

Product Branding Or Create Logo.

After being confident about selling your products on Amazon and researching your products, the next step to take is to create a logo and brand your products and this has to be done with your next big order.

You can also log in to free up and hire the top 1% of online freelancer for the sum of $12 per hour or more and they can even design a logo for you within a day if you want. You can then contact them anytime you need design work to be done.

Other services they also render are infographics, logos, packing design, and product inserts. The free up agency can also interview, hire, and recruit online workers to help your business effectively which saves you enough time to establish your company

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