Facebook Buy And Sell – Facebook Marketplace App

Facebook Buy And Sell – Facebook Marketplace App

Facebook buy and sell – Facebook Marketplace App – Indeed, every one cherish a good marketplace where we can buy and also market anything we want, anytime we want, anywhere we want. Likewise, the Facebook marketplace app is the Facebook app also. and you can buy and sell just from the comfort of your couch at home. Since Facebook has over 2 billion monthly visits, then these people should have a place where they could come together to buy and sell things for their own good. on this post Facebook marketplace app, I will show you how to get or access the Facebook marketplace, how to buy and sell, and most importantly the importance of using the marketplace.

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Definition Of Facebook marketplace | Facebook buy and sell

Facebook marketplace is a market platform within the Facebook platform itself. buyers can meet with sellers on any kind of products including online goods and services physical stuff etc. on there you can find both local and international businesses looking to get customers using the Facebook marketplace app.

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The marketplace brings a convenient and easy way of buying and selling goods and services, products, etc in your area. without stress and without problems. which is one of the things I love most as you can look through the listings of items in your areas and can also search for those items using the search function in the market to get available items in your area without having to go to another area.

How To Use Facebook Marketplace App – Facebook buy and sell

If you want to buy and sell on this platform you must, first of all, locate all access it. I must say this quickly the Facebook market is not available for all location. as it is location based for now and it’s still rolling out to more places. And since we are talking about the Facebook marketplace app, I will show you how to access it on the Facebook app itself. However to be sure I will also show you how to access it using the Facebook page on your desktop computer.

If the Facebook marketplace can be accessed by you using your desktop computer then it means you can also use it on your Facebook mobile app. to access the Facebook marketplace on your mobile app, log in your Facebook app. at the top right side if you’re using Android. You will find the marketplace which is represented by the store icon. While for iOS it is present at the bottom part of the app and also represented by the store icon. Now for those using browsers for desktop and mobile, click on this link. Now if that does it work for you, then the Facebook marketplace is not available for your location right now.

Facebook Marketplace App Challenges

Now if the Facebook marketplace platform is available in your location and you can’t access it. It might be due to the following reasons.

  1. The marketplace is not available for new Facebook users. Therefore if your account is a new account you won’t be able to access it.
  2. When you live in a country on or a location where the Facebook marketplace is not available. As I’ve said above. this also leads to you not be able to access it.
  3. It requires you to be 18 years or older without wish if you are unable to access.
  4. Language condition. which is you must speak one of the required languages in order to access the marketplace. follow this link to see the list of languages and to change your language.
  5. Finally when you are using an outdated Facebook application. You will have to update it to the latest version in order to access the market.

Items Found On The Facebook Marketplace App

The Facebook marketplace offers a wide variety of items being bought and sold. Because of this Facebook introduced the category feature. Which enables buyers and sellers zone in on the particular category of the item they want to buy. You can find items from clothing to electronics, online goods, and services. You can also find cars, real estate, even used and new items all around your area. Which is actually good and convenient when it is close to you to buy. So yes you can buy virtually anything on the Facebook marketplace app.

How To Buy On Marketplace

Using the marketplace, buying and selling is as easy as it gets.to buy is easier, just follow the Below procedures.

  1. Just open your Facebook app
  2. Now tap on the Three horizontal lines
  3. And tap on the Marketplace icon which is signified by the store icon.
  4. Tap on any item you want to buy and click on Ask for details
  5. Which will automatically send a message to the seller. That you want to buy and you can carry on from there.

How To Sell On Marketplace

  1. Kindly open the marketplace
  2. Now tap on +Sell Something
  3. Now click on items for sale
  4. Fill in the details about what you want to sell
  5. And click on +10 Photos to upload photos
  6. Now click on Post if you are done.
  7. Once you have clicked on post, the item will be live to sell. meaning it will now be visible to the entire market to see and buy. That is all.

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