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Dating is one of the major importance of social media, and its also the main reason why most people engage in social media in the first place. and that is why we are bringing you this post on the Facebook dating app. If you’re a guy or girl and you are interested in dating on Facebook you might want to stay to the end of this post. Because by the end of this post you would have access to almost all the Facebook dating apps. And if you’re lucky to find yourself a date. Therefore I would want you to stay put and read to the end.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook which is the number one social media platform, keeps getting better by the day. And the introduction of the Facebook dating service is one of the reasons.

Facebook dating service is barely 2 tears old now and has been an instant hit. so many people now use Facebook dating to find the love of their lives. this service goes together with the main Facebook app. Also, the service is slowly rolling out to more and more countries.

How to access facebook dating

Accessing the dating service is through the Facebook app. But it has to be available in your region before you can access it.

Now when the dating is available in your region, it will be made known to you. the question is how do you know. to know when dating is available you will get a notification on your newsfeed telling you about it. the other way is to check your profile top right side for a heart icon which is the dating icon and tap on it.

Facebook Dating App Apk Free

There are so many dating apps and site pages on Facebook, however, we are going to try and list out a few of them for you to see. Like I said earlier these apps or sites have their pages on Facebook. Which can directly lead Facebook users from the Facebook platform to their site or app? Some of the apps are listed below

  • Friends match me (app)
  • Zoosk (app)
  • Rantdating (page)
  • Free dating sites (page) etc.

These are not all these are just a few of the dating apps and sites we have on the Facebook platform. Note that these are in no way related to the Facebook dating feature it service.

Why use dating apps

Like we all know that the major reason for using dating apps in the first place is to date. However, apps like Facebook Twitter and others like I said earlier I’m not optimized for dating. As they are just ordinary social media apps. Dating apps, on the other hand, are more specialized and optimized for dating. They contain features like matchmaking. Secondly, everybody, there is looking to date hence they are on the dating app in the first place. Also, some people just like getting attention that why they use dating apps. For others just for fun and for sex. Because the majority of the people using these apps do not want a long-term relationship only to catch fun in the immediate and go. That being said, those are some of the reasons why people do use dating apps today.

How to access these dating apps

If you want to access these apps it is very easy to do from the Facebook platform itself. The process is actually very easy. it is as easy as just typing dating apps on the search bar of the Facebook page, and waiting for the search results. And then you can scroll down to choose from the search results you have. Once you have finished typing the word dating apps, you would be presented with lots of results about dating apps and pages even groups. You can choose from any of them on the list to Continue to start dating.


Why Facebook is the number one social media platform, it is also built or optimizes for Express dating as in the dating feature. And also we have other kinds of dating apps, pages website pages and groups available on the Facebook platform today. However, the Facebook dating features is still the best.

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