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Facebook Live Auctions and Sales – Facebook is currently used for a lot of things and for years now advertising and marketing have been really common on the platform. Several features like Facebook Live and Facebook Marketplace have helped in taking buying and selling of goods and services to an entirely different level. When talking about Facebook auctions and sales, it refers to the buying and selling of goods and services by following a process where they are offered for take away by bidding. People get to bid for the items and the individual with the highest bid with no one contending gets the item for the price he/she offered to pay.

Facebook has really advanced and the Facebook Live Auctions and Sales is one of the proves. Unlike before when people had to be physically present during and auction, Facebook has made it possible for these auctions to take place and for the bidders to be available and participating live online in their own comfort. This shows you that you can have your own auctions for items you want to sell without going through the stress of figuring out how to organize the auction.


How to Host Auctions on Facebook

If there is one thing to be particular about at the moment, it’s the fact that both the host of the live auction on Facebook and the participants must all have a Facebook account. It’s going to be useless inviting someone to join your live auction on Facebook when he or she isn’t a Facebook user. This means they have to go through the signup process if they are not already on Facebook.

The link above will help you sign up on Facebook with ease.

Once you have an account with Facebook, you can now host a live auction. Another advice I will give is to make sure you create an invitation on Facebook for people within your reach most especially to participate in the live auction. You can’t just go live an expect people to flow in like that. To host a live auction on Facebook, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in your Facebook account
  • Click on the Camcorder icon
  • Enter your video description
  • Click the ellipsis at the bottom right corner to select privacy settings
  • Click the Start Live Video button

Make sure you have the items you want to sell pre-arranged before the time so you are not disorganized. When you start the auction and your participants join, you get to see their responses to every item you showcase through their comments and reactions.

Facebook Live Auctions and Sales Groups

There are groups on Facebook that do live auctions too. You can search for these groups using your Facebook search bar. If you are lucky, you can even come across some groups on Facebook which people around you are hosting. You can share the live event with your other friends who may be interested in participating.

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