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The Facebook general settings is one of the attributes of Facebook that permits users to define further define some of their account features. The general settings available in Facebook includes, the Username, Contact, ad account contact, memorialization settings and Identity Confirmation which can all be edited.

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Facebook general account settings – Logging into a Facebook account is interesting to me but modifying Facebook account settings makes it more fun. Immediately you sign into your Facebook account, you may want to adjust the settings of your Facebook account either for security reasons or other valuable reasons.

Facebook general account settings control stuff like your Facebook privacy, Facebook notifications, security, passwords, mobile, and lots more. To change your Facebook account settings, click the drop-down arrow that appears at the right-hand side of your Facebook page, then select settings.

Modifying your Facebook account settings gives you the opportunity to achieve a customized Facebook user experience that works pretty well for you and your business.

How to find Facebook general account settings

Finding your Facebook general account settings its easier and faster, to find your settings simply click on the three lines icon at the top of your page, then scroll down to the bottom of your page and tap account settings. You can update your account settings including;

  • General settings – these settings help to edit basics like your Facebook name, Facebook passwords, or email which can only be changed one or two times during the lifetime of your Facebook account.
  • Security settings – this settings turn on alert and approvals to help keep your Facebook account safe from unauthorized users.
  • Privacy settings – every individual needs privacy when it comes to their social lifestyle. The Facebook privacy settings help you to adjust who sees your posts and who can look up your posts on your timeline. You can adjust your privacy settings to “private” or “public”.
  • Timeline and tagging – this settings manage who can see your timeline and photos you tagged or are tagged in on your Facebook account.
  • Blocking – manages who and what you want to block. It gives Facebook users the opportunity to block friends who are not necessarily needed in their Facebook account.
  • Language settings – Facebook being the worlds most frequently used social media network has over a hundred different languages ranging from English to China and lots more.
  • Notifications and mobile – it helps to reset preferences for how Facebook notifies you about activities and events that concern you.
  • Apps settings – manages applications you and other Facebook members use.

To edit your general account settings, use the edit bar that is seen beside your account settings to modify and save changes of your Facebook general account settings. You can also make changes like; your mobile settings, payment settings, Facebook ads settings, apps settings, and many other settings.

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In addition to the above explanation

Where can I find my Facebook settings?
To find your settings:
  1. Tap Settings & Privacy at the bottom of any Facebook page.
  2. Tap the setting you’d like to adjust.
Settings include:
  • Account Settings: Edit the basics like your name, mobile number, email and choose your preferred language.
  • Security: Change your password, and turn on alerts and approvals to keep your account secure.
  • Privacy: Adjust things like who can see your posts, who can follow you, who can see your timeline, who and what you block and face recognition.
  • Ads: Review and edit your interests and ad settings.
  • Notifications: Adjust what you get notifications about and where you get them.


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