How to Delete A Facebook Group

How do I close down a group on Facebook - Delete Facebook Group

Do you want to know how to delete a Facebook group?

Creating a Facebook group is as easy as 1,2,3 go. However, when it comes to deleting a Facebook group that has some nice number of members, it is not going to be easy to delete it because you’ll have to go through a series of steps to completely delete the Facebook group in question. Please keep in mind that you need to have the administrative privilege of the Facebook group in order to get rid of the group.

Now, coming back to the point.

Facebook users have the unparalleled ability to network with each other, and meet up online for all manner of discourse and dialogue. Whether you want to talk about last night’s episode of Game of Thrones, or take users on in heated political debates, chances are there’s a Facebook group for that.

Integral to Facebook’s social networking model is the group, which is a cornerstone of the popular platform. Groups are designed to suit an unfathomably large range of users, and their members could be just about anybody, from the average joe to a real-life celebrity. Whatever the purpose of a group, and no matter who populates them, it’s a safe bet to say most Facebook users are in agreement when it comes to their importance.

Sometimes, however, groups lose their popularity. Maybe what was once an active space has lost its core membership, or a TV show people once raved about has lost its appeal. Whatever the case, you may decide to delete or leave a group as a result.

Deleting or Leaving a Facebook Group
If you’re not an administrator of the group, and have decided you’ve lost interest, all you need to do is stop by the group’s homepage, and click the button in the upper-right-hand corner that says “Joined.” This will give you the option to unfollow, or straight-up leave the group.

If you are an admin or group creator, there are a few special steps you need to follow. Luckily, they’ll only take a couple of minutes, depending on the size of your group! First, click the button that says “Members” under the group’s cover photo. Click the drawing-of-a-gear button next to the name of each member in the group, which will let you delete them from said group. Once all the group members are gone, simply click the “Leave Group” button next to your name. As all of the members will have already been deleted, your departure from the group will effectively shut it down.

However, it’s important to note that Facebook offers a small caveat about deleting groups. If you’re an admin, but didn’t create the group yourself, the group’s original creator has to let themselves be deleted before you can completely shut the group down.

Something for Everyone
No matter your interest, there’s a Facebook group for you. Have a favorite Facebook group you’re already a part of? Be sure to share it in the comments below. If you’re looking for additional tips when it comes to this popular, social media platform, Check out our tips for using the Facebook app like a pro, and our updates on the network’s changes.

How can you remove or delete a Facebook group?


We’ll show you how to easily delete a Facebook group in six easy and simple steps:


First and foremost, login to Facebook and navigate to the group which you intend to permanently delete.


On the right-hand side of the page, navigate to locate the “Members area”  and click on that. It will bring up a list of all your group members.


Select each member and click on the gear icon.


Choose “remove from group” and start removing each group member.

For each member, click on the cog under the member’s name and click Remove from Group. Note that this is where you can make them an Admin instead.


Afterward, you will get a pop-up message requesting you to confirm the removal of the member:


how to delete facebook group


Once you’re done, simply remove yourself as well from the group member list.



Congrats, your Facebook group will get deleted now.


NOTE: When you remove yourself, you will get this confirmation message:

Facebook delete group

This is the error message you get either when you’re leaving the group or you’re the last person to leave – choose ‘Leave Group’.

The group should now disappear. If it doesn’t, your best option is to contact Facebook. Click on the arrow shown in the image below:

group delete Facebook

and select ‘Report a Problem’ from the drop-down menu.

Note: If you have a thousand plus members in a Group you wish to delete, contact Facebook to delete your Group.


Warning: Please don’t pay attention to anyone who is telling you to copy and paste some scripts to delete Facebook Group. Some scripts are actually very harmful and may expose your Facebook account to criminals.


Other options:

Deleting your Facebook group permanently is drastic and final. Once you’ve hit it on the final delete button, there’s no going back, the group is gone completely. You’ll lose every content and threads in it. All the work you put in is gone as well. So before you delete, consider these other options.


1. Change the Group’s Name and Branding

2. Appoint New Admins

3. Archive Your Group



The decision to delete your Facebook group is a drastic one but we understand that it could be the right one for you or your business. Take your time and weigh up your options before taking it. And if you conclude that deletion is the best option, take note of what you understood from running your Facebook group so you can learn from it.


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