How to Find Matches on Facebook Dating

How to Find Matches on Facebook Dating

How to Find Matches on Facebook Dating: Facebook Dating was rolled in several years ago and people have made use of this feature to meet the love of their life, so if you wonder how you can effectively use this feature, this guide is for you. To start with, we will go through the best approach to activate your Facebook Dating profile.

How to Activate Facebook Dating Profile

To use the Dating app, you must have a valid Facebook account and be at least 18 years old. Facebook uses the information on your existing profile to suggest possible matches based on shared interests, so you don’t need to establish a new dating profile. To get started with Facebook Dating, take these steps:

  • Select Menu (three lines) in the upper-right or lower-right corner of the Facebook app after opening it. (Where on a mobile platform the menu is located varies.)
  • Use Tap to Date.
  • Click “Get Started.” To create your dating profile, adhere to the prompts.
  • Menu, Dating, and Get Started are highlighted on the Facebook app.
    Your dating profile is created using data from your Facebook account when you select a photo and provide your location.
  • Personalise your Facebook Dating profile by enhancing it with additional details, images, and even Instagram posts. When you’re happy, tap Done.

Things to Consider Before Using Facebook Dating

Those who have activated Facebook Dating will also be suggested to view your profile. Like Bumble and Tinder, Facebook’s dating tool prohibits you from messaging other users until you have both expressed interest in one another.

  • You must verify that you are at least 18 years old in order to use Facebook Dating. For this procedure, you have two choices. First, you can upload a video selfie, which Facebook will analyse using techniques to determine your approximate age. As an alternative, you can upload a picture of your ID.
  • Because the dating feature pulls data from your normal Facebook page, you should fill it out to the fullest. The Facebook mobile app incorporates the Facebook dating feature; there is no separate Facebook dating app or website.
    Your regular Facebook profile does not display pictures or other content that you share through Facebook Dating. Facebook Messenger interactions are kept apart from Facebook Dating conversations.
  • You can still view someone’s dating profile if you become friends with them on Facebook after matching with them on Facebook Dating.
  • One by one, the app will start recommending profiles. To view your recommendations, go to the Dating area on the Facebook app at any time.
  • The other user will show up on the Facebook Dating Matches Tab once you have matched with them. You will be able to begin exchanging letters and getting to know one another.

How to Find Matches on Facebook Dating

We will explain the best ways to Find Matches on Facebook Dating for both Android and iOS users.


  • Start by launching the Facebook app on your gadget.on your smartphone, launch the Facebook Dating app.
  • Select Matches under the Dating tab after that.
  • Navigate to Facebook Dating’s Dating tab.Choose your Facebook Dating matches.
  • Fantastic! You’ve been able to browse the Facebook dating matches.You’ve successfully navigated through the Facebook dating matches.


  • Click the Matches option after opening the Facebook Dating app.Go to Facebook Dating and select Matches.
  • Completed! You are now aware of how to use Facebook Dating to locate mates.Facebook Dating matches.
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