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How to use Secret Crush on Facebook Dating

Facebook revealed a number of impending innovations, including Secret Crush, an inventive idea meant to enhance the expanding Facebook Dating platform, on the first day of their annual F8 conference.

In the past, Facebook Dating was perceived as the internet giant experimenting with well-known dating apps and venturing into uncharted terrain.

Facebook presented what is undoubtedly the biggest threat to Tinder to date at the F8 conference. Facebook Dating will soon expand into 14 other countries, including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Laos, Peru, Vietnam, Guyana, and Suriname, as part of a global development plan. Facebook Dating used to be exclusive to Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Thailand, and Colombia.

How to use Secret Crush on Facebook Dating

This demonstrates how Facebook can quickly adapt to new markets and pose a severe danger to any prospective competitors thanks to its vast volumes of personal data. It remains to be seen if the platform is as user-friendly as Tinder, Bumble, and the like. With Facebook’s sophisticated resources and self-assurance, they probably will.

The Clutch: A Covert Aspect

Facebook announced the launching of its USP with Facebook Dating, a feature called “Secret Crush,” in an effort to set itself apart from other well-known dating apps.

Secret Crush lets users express interest in up to nine of their Facebook friends, which fits very well with Facebook’s expanding mission of “connecting people around the world.” If that person has also chosen to use Facebook Dating, they will receive notifications when someone shows interest in them. It’s a match if they go on to add you to their list of secret crushes, volar.

Nobody will be aware that you put their name if your crush isn’t using Facebook Dating or doesn’t make a Secret Crush list with your name on it. Once more, this supports Facebook’s story that respects and safeguards user privacy while enabling deeper connections with those in their networks.


The impending improvements to Facebook Dating and its Secret Crush feature, among the many releases and enhancements at the F8 conference, demonstrate that if you hold data, you can enter markets and seriously threaten your competitors.

Facebook Dating is a logical step for the social media behemoth, given its fundamental mission is to connect us to new people and hobbies. It finds Tinder in a similar competitive situation as Instagram & Messenger did with Snapchat recently.

“Your crush will receive a notification stating that someone has a crush on them if they have chosen to use Facebook Dating. During its annual ‘F8’ conference in San Jose, California on Tuesday, the social media giant declared, “If your crush adds you to their Secret Crush list, it’s a match!”

“If your crush isn’t on Dating, doesn’t create a Secret Crush list, or doesn’t put you on their list, no one will know that you’ve entered a friend’s name,” the business stated.

You can choose to use Facebook Dating to find possible matches in your personal networks, including events, organisations, friends of friends, and more.

Facebook Dating has expanded to 14 new countries: Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, and Suriname. Currently, Facebook Dating is available in Colombia, Thailand, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico.

“We’ve created Meet New Friends to help people start friendships with new people from their shared communities like a school, workplace or city,” Facebook stated.

You will only see others who are willing to make new acquaintances because it is an opt-in system.

“We will also be integrating Facebook Groups, making it possible to meet new friends from your most meaningful communities on Facebook,” the business stated.

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