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Do you know that you can add someone to your restricted list on Facebook? By adding them to the list, they won’t be able to see the posts you make on the account. The process is actually simple and fast, but most users are finding it hard to and that’s the reason for this article. So if you’re looking forward to How to Add Someone to Restricted List on Facebook, then simply read on. Adding them to the list doesn’t mean your communications with them is off, you can still communicate via Messenger.

How to Add Someone to Restricted List

The Facebook platform is great at keeping users connected to the people they love and wish to stay in touch with. And also, there are some people we wish not to share our posts with but being a social platform, it seems so impossible. But with the Facebook Restricted list feature, you can add as many people as you want to your list. For instance, you don’t want your supervisor or boss to see the posts you publish outside of work, you can simply do that, by adding them to the restricted list. That doesn’t mean you’ve blocked them on the platform, it only means they won’t be able to see your posts again.

Facebook Restricted List

Facebook Restricted list is a new feature in the platform that allows users to hide certain people from seeing their posts. And this is done by adding them to your list.  You can add or remove anyone you want at any time. The account is yours and you get to decide who sees your posts or not.  They won’t be able to see your posts, but you can see theirs on your newsfeed.

Why Use Facebook Restricted List?

This new feature can be very useful for those who wish to share posts or links relating to something without expecting to see negative comments from closed ones. Also, the restricted list is a way to stay connected with colleagues and boss on the platform, without them having to see your personal posts. Of course, this feature helps to hide the things you don’t wish to share with certain people but since you want to post them. You can only add someone to the list when you logged in to your account.

Here are some connections you may like to add to the Facebook restricted list;

  • Those you basically don’t have any investment in but don’t want to be rude by blocking them.
  • The judgemental or nosy types of family members, friends or colleagues.
  • Those you are not familiar with.

Of course, the people you decide to add to the list is your business. But the above are just some examples of people you might probably like to hide your posts from.

Facebook Login

To add people to your account restricted list, the account needs to be logged in. Follow below to login;

  • Open the app or go to
  • Fill in your User details and password and hit on Login.

After the account has been logged in on the device, now you add those you want to restrict from seeing your posts.

Add Someone to Your Facebook Restricted List

When you add someone to your list, they will still be your friends on the platform. But won’t be able to see things you post on your timeline. Well, unless you decide to make them public. Now follow the steps below to add someone to the list:

  • Go to the Friends profile
  • Hover to “Friends” at the top of the profile or tap on the “Friends” icon below the profile picture.
  • Select “Add to another list” or “Edit Friend Lists”.
  • Then lastly, select “Restricted”.

How to View or Edit Your Restricted List

Follow below;

  • Form your profile newsfeed, navigate to “Explore” at the left menu, and select “Friend Lists”. If this is not shown, hit on “See More”.
  • Select “Restricted”.
  • Hit on the “Manage List” at the top.
  • Then click Edit List.
  • To someone, a friend from the restricted list hit on “X” at the right. Lastly, select Finish.

Follow the process above to add and remove someone from the restricted list.

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