Effects Of Examination Malpractice

Education is a process of teaching, and learning is evaluated through examination at the end of the learning period. Examination not only serves as a feedback for the teacher to ascertain the level of knowledge acquisition but also serves as a measure of knowledge retention by the learner.
Any misconduct or irregularity will distort this feedback mechanism and gives a false outcome of the learning process. This article examines the effects of various forms of examination malpractices in Nigeria and the consequences of national development.

Effects of Examination Malpractice on National Development

1. In a society that examination malpractice is predominant, its impact is visibly seen in the type of human resources the education system has produced. Again, the educational system strives to inculcate high level of discipline, diligence, moral love for others; to the recipients where the examination is fraught with malpractice, all the important feedback mechanism becomes defaulted, and the educational system becomes distorted.
2. Examination malpractice leads to irreversible loss of credibility. A country that becomes notorious in examination malpractice loses international credibility. The implication is that documents or certificates emanating from such a country will be treated with suspicion, as is the case of Nigeria today. Such a country’s educational institutions are as good as dead as far as international cooperation in education is concerned.
3. Examination malpractice has grave consequences on the individuals and institutions of learning, communities, and the country at large. Dismissal, termination, loss of position, and lack of self-confidence are effects of examination malpractices and have caused a lot of embarrassment and suffering to individuals, families, and the nation. The guilty ones who were not caught and punished cannot defend the certificates procured not to talk of delivering at their duty posts.
4. The prevalent rate of bank failures, the collapse of buildings, economic sabotage, vandalism, kidnapping/hostage-taking for ransom, drug trafficking, fake drug manufacturing, and sales are practical effects of moral decadence emanating from examination malpractice.
Effects of examination fraud are displayed in the filling stations, churches, homes, hospitals, markets, and everywhere.
5. The fight against corruption cannot be realized if examination malpractice continues to be rampant in our educational system.
As future leaders who have been equipped through a school system characterized by academic fraud and dishonesty will certainly manifest this fraudulent behavior in any organization, they may found themselves. Those that cheated to pass the examination will cheat to get employed, have a spouse, and even win the election through electoral violence or other sharp malpractices. 
6. Other effects of examination malpractice include discouragement of students from hard work, low productivity and poor job performances, bribery, corruption, and certificate racketeering.
Examination malpractice, with its disadvantages, is affecting all the facets of society negatively. The potentials of this nation will be difficult to be realized socially, economically, and technologically until the individuals, governments, and other stakeholders in the education sector collaborate to eradicate this malpractice.


Since education is the bedrock of every society, any factor or vice that tarnishes the outcome of the learning process must be fought standstill by all stakeholders and well-meaning Nigerians. From the article so far, examination malpractice, which has remained cancer in the education sector, requires a multidimensional approach for total annihilation.
Development of any nation relies solely on its human resources, and human resources are refined to be productive through education, hence eradicating examination malpractice, which destroys human resources development should be taken as a full-scale war.
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