Products And Services: Which Is Easier To Sell? (My Experience)


Meeting and engaging with new people was one of the difficult things I could overcome, but I was able to break through it after I graduated from university. This was achieved by rendering online services to students on the campus.

After I graduated from university, I have been rendering online services in the area of registrations to students on the campus, not only I but others render the same services.

In order to make a reasonable profit, I needed to set a target on the number of students to meet per week so they can make a consistent profit. With this experience, I was morale lifted to assure myself that I can apply for a sales job. I thought it’s all about meeting people, getting connected, and trying to convince them to buy.

Due to the pandemic which has forced schools to close, I got a sales job with a telecommunication company on contract to sell their products. The job was dependent on targets. Through this job, I realized that most of the well-paid sales jobs are highly reliant on targets.

Hope you know that too?

This job corrected my thought on sales, yeah. Products and services are different sale stops. Therefore, they require different ways to meet customers, which makes one more comfortable than the other.

It’s an experience worth sharing.

I hope you read it to the end.



Selling online services on the campus is a fast-growing business.

Many students are always occupied with academic activities. They are making it difficult for them to manage and complete registrations on their portal on time.

If they are unable to complete their registration on time, they may be fined for late registration or, worse, a portal close, which will force them to suspend studies for that semester. For this reason and others, they need online operators to manage and complete any necessary registration on their portal on time.

This has given me an opportunity to render online services to them.

Different ways to meet new costumers

  1. Through referrals

I have discovered that this is one of the most effective ways of getting new customers to patronize my online service. A customer can only refer you for some reasons, which could be trust, price, and other things. Among these, I have realized that marketing services require building trusting relationships with customers and customizing them as necessary. I offer some of my customer’s finders’ fees for referrals that turn into patronize me.

  1. Looking for and following them on social media

Selling my online services on the campus is a lot easier when I offer services to students who feel like they know me. For this reason, I have created a whats-app group to follow up with both new and old customers to make sure I have developed a good relationship with them.

  1. Working on my personal network

By working on my personal network, I ask my friends if they know of people who can use my services or people who may know others who could use my services. In doing this, I have been able to create a network of friends that are helping to connect me to anyone they know that needs my service.

  1. Being punctual and closing late

I have met a good number of customers, which some turned to become regular customers due to the time I set up and close my stand. Some, due to their busy daily schedule, will go out very early to get their registration done so they can use the remaining hours of the day while some will prefer to get it done after their classes.

I have used these two-time frames to meet new customers whom I’ve not met before, and in all of these I, have realized that the online service I have been rendering to students on the campus is highly built on the relationship with customers.


In today’s digital world, telecommunication has become the foundation for businesses, governments, communities, and families to seamlessly connect and share information.

The various benefits of telecommunication to individuals and businesses cannot be undermined as it goes a long way in helping businesses to provide better customer services.

By being able to access the internet at all hours of the day is a crucial facet of delivering high-quality customer service. How your business communicates with customers will reinforce brand loyalty, help your team build better relationships with prospects and clients, and increase retention. However, unless there is a dependable connection, pulling this off isn’t possible.

With all these benefits, I thought it would be accessible to market telecommunication products; as a matter of fact, that was my expectation not until I got the sales job, and it changed my view on the selling of products and services. Indeed, they are two different markets.

Different ways to meet new customer

  1. Go door-to-door or office-to-office

A lot of people didn’t answer their doorbell or will tell you they’re not interested; they may prefer buying from a store or a branch of the company for reasons they may not want to share.

  1. Go to a market area

Market areas are made of a large crowd of people with various needs, perhaps someone is interested in the product, but this demands a lot of stress and efforts to convince individuals and groups of people.

Which is more comfortable to sell, products, or services?

From my experience, I would conclude that services are more comfortable to sell. By rendering services, customers can easily access and qualify my service based on what I have been able to do.

By selling a product, customers will still need to verify the quality of the products from elsewhere, which may deter my marketing efforts.

What do you have to sell, products, or services?

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