Road Accidents And Causes


A road accident has to do with any accident which involved at least a road vehicle occurring on the road open to a public circulation, which in most cases results in several damages, loss of valuables, injury, and loss of life of casualties. Road accidents have become so common these days as a result of nonadherence to traffic rules, especially in big cities like Lagos, Abuja, and Kano. In as much as more people are buying cars and other automobiles, incidences of road accidents would continue to be on the increase. Therefore, people need to be more careful when on the road, notwithstanding the mode of transportation, either by foot, motor car, motorcycle, or otherwise.




Road accident is mostly an unintentional thing that happens to road users. Most road users are quite aware of general rules and safety measures regarding usage of the road, but nonadherence to the safety rules by road users is most time responsible for accidents and crashes on our road. Most accidents and crashes on our road are most time caused by human errors. Below are some causes of a road accident:


1.    Carefree Attitude: many drivers have this care-free attitude, and this has contributed to the high incidence of accidents on our road. Many daredevil drivers overtake other vehicles recklessly on the highways, and this madness has resulted in the death of innocent passengers with others being maimed for life. The habit of taking alcohol by motorists before is no less cause of road accidents. Also, many cars and lorries ply the road with worn-out tires and faulty brakes.


2.    Overloading: overloading of vehicles has far-reaching effects of throwing cars off-balance during road mishaps leading to loss of lives.


3.    Bad Road: the condition of most of the expressways are very frightening, some road are so deplorable that they have dangerous bends which may lead to a head-on collision of vehicles. Many roads are full of potholes, which some expressways are too narrow and slippery.


4.    Road Block by Policemen: the habit of a mounting roadblock by police officers should be proscribed by the government to ensure a free flow of traffic on the highways as this sometimes is responsible for some road accidents.


5.    Illiterate Drivers: education should be made mandatory for drivers to reduce the frequent cases of road mishap arising from driver’s inability to read and interpret road signs and signals, which leads to an avoidable accident.


6.    Over speeding: this is the easiest and quick to accidents and auto crash on the road. Some drivers do not adhere to the speed limit rules and thereby causing accidents in which passengers will become victims. Accidents will be reduced to barest minimal if motorists can keep speeding limits.


7.    Drunkenness: this is responsible for some of the accidents on our roads. Some drivers are so addicted to alcohol that they cannot do without it even when driving, thereby putting the lives of the passengers on line because a drunk driver loses focus quickly if anything happens on the road.


8.    Reckless Driving: recklessness on the part of some motorists is responsible for some road accidents. Most time, we see drivers driving without the utmost concentration. Sometimes they engage themselves in unnecessary conversations with passengers while at an undesirable speed and even do uncalculated overtaking, which may lead to a fatal accident.


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