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How can I promote my game on Facebook or how can I advertise my game on Facebook? As a game developer, it’s actually difficult for you to rank your game among the top games on Facebook. Likewise, letting your game app meet the right audiences. On the contrary, Facebook introduces a feature known as Facebook game ads. This allows you to advertise your games to the right audiences of other millions of people. In terms of finding a large community to play your game. Facebook is apparently one of the top platforms you can make your game known to thousands of players.

Furthermore, the Facebook game ads is a powerful advertising tool that allows you to build, grow and also monetize your games. With various Facebook gaming platform such as the Facebook Gameroom and also the Instant game. However, the platform is not only meant to showcase your game to the right audience. But also allows to enable you to make money with your game on Facebook. Hence, learn how to advertise your game on Facebook.


What Best Advertising Tools to Advertise Games on Facebook?

Most the common and powerful advertising tool for games on Facebook is the Playable ads. However, the allows people to see and play your game. If they find it interesting, there can install the app. The Facebook Playable ad formats serves has the most important and effective tools that allows you to create an engagement with people. Whereby, giving people a platform to interest with your game before installing the app. Also, the playable ads Facebook is represented as an interactive video ad that is designed for mobile app advertisers. So as to drive higher quality engagement and also higher-intent users to download your app on their mobile phone.

Things you can do with Playable Ads on Facebook

Just like I mentioned earlier, Playable ads on Facebook appear as the right choice of promoting and building a large audiences or engagement on Facebook. However, some of the things you can actually do with the playable ad on Facebook include:

  • Immersive preview: this allows you to showcase your app or game through the use of lead-in video that appears on Facebook News Feed or stories.
  • Test-drive your app: also, this allows people to test your games through the ad before installing it.
  • Engagement: it also allows you to locate players and customers that are interested in the game by driving higher-intent players.

In addition, by using the Playable ads to advertise your game on Facebook gaming center. This provides you with three tools to easily create a digital text –drive of your gaming app. These tools include Lead-in video, Game demo, and also Call-to-action.

How to Create an Ads for your Game on Facebook

Before, opt-in to the Playable ads, you first need to be a mobile app advertiser. By doing so, you can visit the URL www.facebook.com/business/industries/gaming and click Create an Ad. After creating your ads by following the on-screen instruction. Then, you can upload Playable ads by visiting the Ads Manager, click App Installs and create a campaign.

In addition, you can select the app you want to promote and afterward you can upload it to playable assets. Very simple, follow the instruction as you go the set-up page to finally create your Facebook game ads.

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