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Facebook Live Stream Poll: You may have noticed that Creating live voting videos are the hottest trend right now on Facebook; you can say that they have swept through the social media marketing community like a wave. I know that many persons would love to try this new format on their pages but don’t have an idea how to create it. Not to worry if you have seen any complicated articles on creating a live voting, we are about to show you pretty easy steps on how to create a live voting on Facebook and we are certain you would find them useful.
Facebook Live poll

Facebook Live poll is basically a simple video consisting of the following elements: a question, two or four images representing answer options, the reactions a user is supposed to use and the last but not the least vote counters that are updated in real time.
This shows a Live poll from where it all started: Clinton vs Trump. It got more than 19 million views, 437,000+ reactions and more than 15,000 shares.
Why are Facebook Live poll videos more efficient than normal page posts?
The answer to this question is simple. Below are at least two reasons for that:
  • First of all, Facebook tends to push Live videos higher in the News feed. Also,live videos get an extra organic boost from the algorithm while they are live. After that, a live video is treated as a normal video post which also gets a good organic reach. In case you didn’t know, Facebook spent hundreds of millions of dollars to promote Live events.That can also mean that Facebook is right now trying to encourage people to use this feature.
  • Secondly, Facebook live polls are a new cool feature and people love shiny and new things. Live polls stand out in people’s feeds and attract more attention. For this reason, now is the best time to join the live poll train. You would want to be one of the first ones, rather than last, to use this new feature. This way you get the best results.\

With a LIVE poll, you will ask your user a preference and they’ll answer in two ways:
If you are running a reactions poll, your users will have to press a reaction to express a vote. “Like” will be related to a choice, and so on.

If you are running an hashtag voting poll, your users will have to write an hashtag in the comments to vote for one of your choices.

If you would prefer voting with reactions, the set-up will follow these steps:
select a background, that can be either an image or a video. If you choose an image, you can upload also a music MP3 file to be played in loop
select the reactions you want to track, and place them where you wish
customize the counters and move them around
upload the images related to each reaction.The big advantage of UpLive tool is that you can customize everything, you can move the position of an element, to wherever you want.

Sometime users prefer to upload a background video or image with already the objects to vote inside. If you are good with graphic programs, we suggest you to set up the background and upload it. You will then just need to place the counters and, eventually, the image of reactions. This is an example of a LIVE made with just a background uploaded and the counter placed:
If you would want to use the Voting with Hashtags plugin, the steps are almost similar, with a few differences:
Note: You can add a question, and place it where you wish, you can add up to 8 hashtags, since in this plugin reactions are not tracked a user will be able to vote also writing the comment without the hashtag in front of the word. This is an example.
Once this process is completed, then you can publish the LIVE on your Facebook Page in just two steps:
Set a message to the Post and a duration
Select the Page on which you want to publish your LIVE, Then its all set. Check your Facebook Page to ensure the the LIVE is as you were expecting, and that’s all.

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