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WhatsApp Web Desktop – WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp Laptop WhatsApp is a general multi-media messaging platform that allows you to send and receive messages around the world. As a matter of fact and deliberation, almost every smartphone is using the Whatsapp application and this is mainly because of the benefits it has to offer. However, you cannot access and use this feature on your pc or laptop. At least not until the Whatsapp laptop feature was launched. With the Whatsapp laptop feature, you can successfully connect and use Whatsapp on your pc or desktop. Can You Really Use WhatsApp On Your PC? Asking if you could really use Whatsapp on pc is in fact a really challenging question. Well if I were to give you my answers, I would say yes and then I would say no. the reason is because you can use Whatsapp on your pc, yes but to an extent and it needs your phone to connect through. You cannot access Whatsapp on your pc without your mobile device and you must be connected on both your mobile device and your pc to use the Whatsapp web. How to Access and Use the WhatsApp Laptop Feature Before you can access and use the Whatsapp laptop feature, you have to make sure that you have an internet connection along with a mobile device that already has the Whatsapp app installed in it. Once these things are in place; Boot the pc you wish to access Whatsapp on and at the same time boot your device. Once your device and the pc turned on, make sure that there is an internet connection on both devices. Now visit the URL www.web.whatsapp.com on your pc and wait. After a few seconds, a web page will be displayed with and you can easily identify that it is the WhatsApp web home page. On that webpage, you will find QR code. Launch the Whatsapp app on no your mobile device and make sure your Whatsapp app is already signed in. if it is not signed in, then sign in your Whatsapp account. Now tap the menu icon and click on web connect. Click on the add new device icon and scan the QR code I mentioned you will find on your pc screen earlier. That is it. Once the QR code is scanned successfully, you will be logged in to your Whatsapp account via your pc. That is how to access and use the Whatsapp laptop feature.

WhatsApp Web Desktop

WhatsApp web desktop is one of the most popular ways to sync your WhatsApp account to your PC, Usually, when talking about the WhatsApp web, it is also essential to talk about the version for Android devices and iPhone. This is very essential because this is the main basics of WhatsApp web. WhatsApp web is defined in two different versions. The version for Pc and the version for Android are far more different. WhatsApp web for Pc is a way to use WhatsApp messages on your PC. With the WhatsApp web on Pc, you can make video calls, and voice calls with contacts on your WhatsApp account. The WhatsApp web for Android is a way to sync your WhatsApp chat to your PC or iPad.

What You Need To Start Using WhatsApp Web – WhatsApp Web Desktop

There is a short list of things that you need to obtain before you can start using the WhatsApp web. These are just some tools that are very necessary. First you need to own a smartphone or iPhone. The smartphone or iPhone is the device that your WhatsApp account would be synced from. This is just your normal device. You would also need another device; this device can be a laptop or an iPad. This device is the one that your WhatsApp account would be synced to. Finally, you need good internet connection.

How Does the WhatsApp Web Works

The WhatsApp web works in a very unique way, although it does not have all the features that the mobile version provides, Its security protocols are very much up to date. Every WhatsApp user can easily connect their accounts to the web. Like I said before, this is more like cloning your WhatsApp account to another device. This app also brings a sense of security.
How to Set Up Whatsapp Web on PC or IPad

You can download the WhatsApp web application for PC or you can use your internet browser to do this. If you have google chrome or safari browser you can continue.
Use your internet browser to navigate to web.whatsapp.com
On this page, you would find a QR code which would be scanned later.
Open the WhatsApp application on your phone. (If you do not have a WhatsApp account, simply create one by signing up). Note that a WhatsApp account cannot be created on WhatsApp web.
Click on the menu button on the chat page.
Select WhatsApp web from the new menu.
Now, scan the code on your PC using the camera on your smartphone.

Wait for a minimum of ten seconds and you would be redirected to your WhatsApp account chat page.

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