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Messenger Facebook simply refers to an official instant messaging app that was designed and introduced by Facebook.

This chat messaging app allows its users to engage in the sending and receiving of chat messaging app from your Android, iPhone, iPad, desktop, computer, and any device that is compatible with the use of this service.

With this app right installed right into your device, you are able to communicate and keep in touch with Facebook friends and contacts. This chat app was launched by the famous social media site, Facebook, and since then, it has been on the lead among all other active chat messaging apps.

However, the Messenger Facebook was designed for the purpose of instant messaging, it still does a lot more than just messaging.

With this app, you are able to engage in chat conversations with your friends and family, send and share your photos and videos to your timeline and to your friends, you can also make use of fun and interesting stickers and emojis to show your expression during your conversation with friends, and engage in so much more.

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How Does Messenger Facebook Works?

The Messenger Facebook app has been designed for the purpose of giving out so many amazing features to its users such as messaging, sharing photos and videos, status updates, engaging in group chats, make voice and video calls, and so much more right with the app installed in your compatible device.

To get started, you must have the app right on your device, before you can be allowed to enjoy its amazing features.

This app was introduced by Facebook and so it is possible to use your Facebook account to log in to the messenger. However, this is not compulsory, as ‘messenger’ is a standalone app.

Messenger Facebook is referred to an app on its own so if you do not have a Facebook account, you can still make use of the app.

All you have to do is get on your play stores for IOS and Android. Then for computers and desktops, the main app is not supported, so you have to gain access to this messaging service via the site. once you get on, you can use your existing Facebook account details to log in.

Features of The Messenger Facebook

The Messenger Facebook app is globally known all over the world for its functionality to allow its users to engage in wonderful and amazing features.

These features have been built and designed for the satisfaction and convenience of its users. With this fun-filled features contained in this app, you will surely enjoy a smooth chatting experience!

  • Send and receive instant messages with on this app. With this app, you can get connected with new friends and keep in touch with old friends and family. there is absolutely no dull moment with this app right on your device.
  • Send and share photos and videos. With the messenger camera, you are able to capture amazing moments. You can capture amazing pictures and capture live videos. You can then send or share these photos and videos to your stories or friends.
  • Make use of fun stickers, emojis, and GIFs. With the installed emojis, fun stickers and GIFs, you are able to make use of these stickers, emojis, and GIFs to show your expression to friends at the moment.
  • Engage in group chats with so many other available users on the platform.
  • Make voice calls and video calls, talking to your friends and seeing them face to face via your device. this is just one amazing app, you should never miss out on.
  • Play messenger games with other users and so much more!

How to Download Messenger Facebook

Messenger Facebook is a standalone app that lets you chat and receive chats from your friends. You can make use of this app using your Facebook account or without your Facebook account.

And in some cases, you can have a separate messenger account. it is available for iPhone, iPad, Tablets, and Android.

Then for computers and desktops, the messenger app is not supported, so you have to go through the messenger site and get started from here, using the details of your existing Facebook account on your computer.

On iPhone, iPads, and Tablets

  • Open the Apple app store on your iPhone, iPad or Tablet.
  • On the store page, click on the search icon.
  • Type Messenger in the search box and Enter.
  • A result list of related chat messaging apps will be displayed to you, click on the Messenger app and hit the GET button.
  • Next, click on INSTALL and let the download process begin.
  • after the download process, open the app and log in to Messenger.
  • If you have a Facebook account, enter your phone number or email and password to log in.
  • If you do not have an account, then you have to Sign up to Messenger by clicking on Not on Facebook?
  • Enter your number or email and a code will be sent to you.
  • Verify your account with the code and add a photo of yourself.
  • Import your contact list to ‘messenger’, and any of your contact available on messenger will be available on your Messenger contact list.
  • Once you are done with that, you can get started!

On Android Devices

  • Open your Google Play store
  • At the top of the page, in the search box, type in Messenger and search.
  • Click on the Messenger app and hit the Install button.
  • Hit the Accept button.
  • Wait for the download process to finish and Open.
  • Log in Messenger with your Facebook account, enter your email or number and password and log in. And if you do not have a Facebook account, click on Not of Facebook?
  • Enter your number and provide the code sent to you, in order to verify your Messenger account.
  • Enter your name and import your contacts.
  • Now you can get started with your Messenger app.

On PC, Computer and Desktop

  • The Messenger app is not supported on computers and desktop, so you have to go through the site on
  • Once the page is open, you have to Continue to Messenger, with your Facebook account.
  • Click on Continue as “Your Name”
  • Enter your email or phone number.
  • Enter your password and click on Continue.
  • Now you can get started with the Messenger app.

And now you are done! You can finally get started. Now you see there’s really no stress at all. all you have to do is have your compatible device and follow the processes listed above, then you are all set to go!

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