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How You Get More Likes On Facebook Page

In the present digital era, marketing channels have changed from television and newspaper to YouTube and Facebook. Most entrepreneurs today conduct a great number of businesses online and a lot of them get customers from online platforms like Facebook which leads to the creation of the Facebook page.

A Facebook page with more page likes is more likely to reach more followers, Meaning more visibility at a lesser cost. Its formula is simple, the higher the number of page likes on a page, the more people get to view the page’s posts on Facebook.

More page likes also mean more trust on your business brand. I’ll give an example; If You’re looking for a service in your city on Facebook, and You come across two service providers whom you have never heard of before. The first page has 1000 page likes while the second has has 5,000 page likes. Which of these Facebook pages are you more likely to trust?.

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes

  • Post regularly

Posting once in a while sends the message that you are not serious about your page. If you want people to invest in your page, you need to establish a regular pattern of posting and also making sure that the contents are useful and relevant.

  • Catchy URL

Make sure you have claimed a great vanity URL. A catchy URL will be more enticing and much easier to remember. You could include a ‘Like our page on Facebook’ link on the ‘thank you’ page of your site. Customers are more prone to like you when they have just made a purchase they are excited about.

  • Giveaways

Offer flash freebies and giveaways on your page. If word gets around that you regularly offer ‘flash freebies’ (e.g., ‘The first 5 people to message me will receive a N5000 gift card’ ) your page likes will definitely increase.

  • Get Personal

Do not be afraid to get personal with your followers from time to time. People want to know that there is a real person behind your company, and will be more likely to engage with a person than with a faceless brand.

  • Be Interesting

The main reason why most people unlike brand pages is because their posts are not interesting. Keep more of the fans you already have by posting engaging and interesting content that meets the needs of your audience.

  • Optimize your Facebook page’s SEO (search engine optimization)

Try to use relevant keywords in your title and About section; Make sure your profile is complete and contains a consistent Name, Address, Phone number, Link to your page from your website and other web properties.

  • Comments

Leave thoughtful comments on popular blogs in the same niche as you. Make sure to link to your Facebook page when asked for your URL.

  • Collaborate

Create a partnership with a complimentary page in the same niche as you. Make an Agreement to promote each other’s posts to help build up each other’s audiences.

  • #Hashtags

Even though hashtags might not work on Facebook as well as they do on Twitter, they are still a good way to attract new fans. It is best to use popular hashtags when posting about breaking news or other trending topics.

  • Buttons

Be sure to have LIKE and SHARE buttons next to all your blog posts. When people engage with your contents by clicking these buttons, this action appears in their friends’ feeds, in turn increasing your page’s visibility.

  • Design

Make sure your page’s branding and design are professional and consistent. When people come to your page, it only takes them a split second to decide whether to like it or not; make sure your page accurately conveys your brand’s voice and image.

  • Engagement

Make engagement a priority by answering questions and responding to comments promptly. Your Facebook posts are a starting point for great discussions and not a final destination.

Remember that likes do not mean anything without true engagement. The goal should be converting social media followers to customers. Focus on regularly providing relevant and compelling content, and your page likes will definitely increase organically over time.

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