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What are Facebook store visits? Creating a store isn’t just enough, whether it is an online store or a physical store. I mean the objective for creating a store is clear. After creating a store whether physical or online the next thing that the store owner or any store owner would want is sales. It’s only normal.
Due to the direction the world is going today many marketers have taken out time and resources to push their products or advertise digitally (the most used form of advertising today). Just to clear your doubts digital form of advertising is not only meant for online platforms, they can also be used or integrated with physical stores. This is the very part facebook store visits come in.

In this article I will be educating you on what Facebook store visits are and what they stand for. Information’s on everything you need to know concerning this facebook ads feature will be given during the course of this article. So now what are facebook store visits?
What Are Facebook Store Visits

This is a form of advertising on facebook that track actual customer visits to physical stores. This form of advertising makes use of location tracking technologies in mobile devices to become effective. You might be wondering how this works, here it is.

Most online stores on facebook have actual links to their physical stores. And another thing is that these stores also make use of facebook adverts. When potential clients and customers see these adverts and click on them, they are directed to the person’s facebook store. And on that store they get to see the address of the said store on ground physically.

These customers and clients both the potential and existing will then visit these physical stores. What the facebook store visits then does is that it helps you calculate and track actual activities on your online and physical stores
How to Calculate Facebook Store Visits

Calculating how the facebook store visits work is easy but yet very technical. You need the technical know-how before you can understand this and ultimately calculate it.

On the report page of the facebook store visits feature you will get reports of visits that happen within a day, 7 days and 28 days (a week). Facebook estimates how many visits you have in your shop in real life and time using signals like tracking services on mobile devices. It all depends on the settings on a person’s device. Even when the facebook app is closed location updates can still occur.

Another way through which visits can be calculated is through mapping data and satellite imagery from third parties. And lastly by filtering out persons who are constantly on the move.

Note that not everyone can be accounted for using these tracking signals; facebook therefore goes extra in other to give a more specific and correct report using verification polls and extrapolating of information.
How to Access and Use the Facebook Store Visits

To access and view the facebook store visits report you will first of all need a facebook ads manager account. And you also have to have an active facebook ad. Once all these are in place you can now access this feature. To do this, follow these steps below.
On your device go to facebook ads manager.
On your ads manager click on columns.
After that click on customize columns.
Check the store visits and cost per visits boxes and click on apply.

That’s all you need to access the facebook store visits function and feature. If you want to learn more about in store customer demographics click on breakdown.

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