15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021


15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021 – There are various second number apps available now, which can be confusing. That’s why I’ve come to assist you sort through the chaos. Below are 15 of the greatest second phone number apps that have been hand-picked. They each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, but at present, they are the finest options for Android and iPhone.


Burner is surprisingly at the top of the list of the best second phone number apps. It was originally created to assist you in creating a temporary number, but it now includes possibilities for a permanent number as well. 15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

What you will receive:

A monthly plan with a permanent number is offered after 14 days of limited talk time and text messages.
Starting at $4.99 per month for up to three lines, and available on both the AppStore and Google Play. 15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

Google Voice

Google Voice is, of course, on the list. You may quickly redirect calls to your PC, home, business, or mobile number using this program. You can also change your destination.

What you will receive:

a second phone number; quick call routing; calling and messaging; voicemail to text transcription; the plan is free; is available for iOS users.


You may now try the Hushed second number app for free for a few days. Here’s what you receive with both the paid and free versions:

a second phone number for talking and texting; free for three days before switching to a seven-day plan; call forwarding; voice messaging;
The paid plan starts at $1.99 and is accessible on both Android and iOS.

Second Phone Number

This iPhone software gives you a phone number that you may use for personal and professional calls without having to give out your actual phone number. You can maintain your second phone number for as long as you want in the app and make international calls to any of the 25 countries. 15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

You may send SMS and MMS to your pals all over the world using US and Canadian numbers; the app is quite simple to use; you can sync your contact list with the app; useful for dating, working, applying for jobs, creating online accounts, and more; subscriptions and extra credits for additional calls are available; for iPhone users.

2nd Line — Second phone number

You won’t need to exchange SIM cards or bring a second phone with you if you use the 2nd Line app. In the app, you can choose any US or Canadian phone number and utilize it for privacy purposes.

You can send and receive picture messages; you can call local and international lines in Japan, China, and other countries; and you may send and receive text messages.
In the app, you may view your contact list and SMS history;
alter your phone number when you’re out and about;
iPhone users can utilize it.


Line2 allows you to receive a second phone line for your company and personal requirements, as the name suggests. All Android devices, including smartphones, watches, and tablets, are compatible with the app. 15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

It provides numbers in the United States and Canada, as well as group messaging and photo sharing. It also assists you in blocking undesirable numbers and provides call forwarding and group calling.

Free tone

Another software on the list is Free Tone, which is a second number app. This service offers both paid and free options, with the latter being free when dialing Canadian or US numbers.

Free and unlimited calls to lines in the United States and Canada; paid plan to other countries; employs VOIP for service delivery; accessible in both the AppStore and Google Play.


Iplum is a similar software that can be used for both domestic and international calls. It offers a pay-as-you-go option, allowing you to only utilize what you require.

Multilingual; can port your existing phone number; dedicated voice mail; call forwarding; picture and video messaging; caller ID; credit can be purchased as needed.

Users of Android and iPhone can also download the app.


This app provides you with a free US phone number that you may use to text or call any mobile or landline phone in over 230 countries.

Free US phone number; uses a dedicated VOIP network for high-definition voice conversations; instant messaging; subscriptions are offered monthly or yearly in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Belgium, to name a few countries; is accessible on the AppStore and Google Play. 15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

Second Phone Number+

Second Phone Number+ is another excellent software on our list. With this program, you can get a real US phone number and use it to call and text other Americans.

You can save money on phone calls by using the app with HD Voice over 3G, 4G, or WIFI; the software gives a 3-day free trial before charging $6.99 per week; only supports calls and texts to U.S. numbers; in-app purchase; for iPhone users.

Ring 4

Ring 4 is another excellent example. This provides you with a local or international phone number in 20 countries. Also, when you dial or receive calls from a U.S. number, you avoid paying roaming fees, which is fantastic.

Receive calls with a U.S. number for free roaming; record incoming and outgoing calls; texts with emojis; “Don’t Disturb” option; block nuisance callers; for Android and iOS users.


Take advantage of a US phone number with any area code, but don’t stop there. Telos also allows you to have international numbers in multiple countries. So, here’s what you get when you download this app: 15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

Unlimited texting and calling in the United States, as well as international lines in many countries; call forwarding to any mobile or landline; auto-reply messages, voice mails, and call blocking; Android compatible.

TextMe Up

Now, if you need many numbers, TextMe Up makes it simple to get them. It allows you to manage as many numbers as you want and switch between them as needed.

Texting, including group messaging; voice call; photo and video sharing; monthly plans. Multiple phone numbers; call numbers in over 200 countries; texting, including group messaging; voice call; photo and video sharing; monthly plans.

The app is available for Android users.

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Whats Call

What if you want to call users who don’t have access to the internet? This is possible with the app Whats Call. It provides a lot of functions and numerous call alternatives, including credit. 15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021

Outgoing and incoming call recording with a single click; caller ID and call blocking; earn credit for free calls; payment plans; Android app

Surprisingly, the software allows you to earn credits that you can use to make free calls by watching free advertisements, performing activities, playing games, and inviting friends to use the app.


Sideline is unique in that it has both a free and a paid edition. It used to offer a free version, but it has since been removed. Only the paid service is available now, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Obtain a phone number with any area code or port an existing one;
Unlimited texting, voice calling, and voicemail; use your carrier’s network to function even when the internet is unavailable;
VOIP is an optional feature.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

In Conclusion

15 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iPhone 2021 – Finally, there are various second number apps available, but I’ve compiled a list of the finest. They each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, but they follow through on their promises. For whatever reason, you may require a second phone number. Getting a second phone or sim isn’t always practical, so try one of these great second number apps instead.

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