Do you remember playing some of the RollerCoaster Tycoon games? You played an amusement park owner in this game that was published nearly two decades ago.

It was your responsibility to come up with the ideal mix of rides, amenities, and experiences to keep customers satisfied and money flowing in. Or designing terrifying roller coasters that caused riders to vomit all over the park. I’m pretty sure I choose the right one. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

We finally have a successful mobile version after many, many years. Unlike so many other small-screen adaptations of classic games, this one isn’t bad. In reality, it’s pleasantly surprising.

It incorporates the first two games in the series while retaining a high degree of fidelity to the original gameplay and visual design. Expansion packs are available for purchase in-app, but there are no other in-app purchases until you’ve purchased the title. The fun factor is off the charts, as is the value for money. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

As you work your way through nearly 100 different scenarios, you can use pre-made roller coasters or build your own piece by piece.

When you add in all of the other elements of the game, such as footpaths, food and drink stands, hundreds of different types of rides (including water-based rides), recruiting and firing employees, and attempting to make a profit, you have a game that will definitely stay on your phone or tablet for years.


Eternium, a long-time favorite among role-playing game (RPG) fans, is still one of the best offline choices several years after its publication. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

It’s been getting regular, big updates since it first came out, and it’s been developed by old-school RPG fans. Much better, it avoids the vexing pay-to-win strategy used by many of its rivals.

You’ll be right at home here if you’ve played any of the Diablo games. You can play as a fighter, bounty hunter, or mage and fight a wide variety of enemies to gain experience and level up, as well as open chests to get gold, gems, and weapons.

It’s all there: forming alliances with NPC characters, updating your gear, and converting unnecessary things into necessities. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

The game is divided into three worlds, each with its own set of quests and enemies. There are an infinite number of randomly generated levels, and the majority of the game’s features are available offline after the initial download.

You can tell a lot of effort went into this game because it has beautiful graphics and an intuitive interface, which includes drawing symbols on the screen to cast spells instead of mashing buttons. Give it a shot if you enjoy genuine RPGs without constant microtransactions.


Do you want to play something fun to distract yourself from the chaos going on around you? The answer is Infinity Loop. The idea is simple: rotate puzzle pieces, link all lines, and close loops by tapping on them.

The graphics and sounds are as simple as they come. This is ideal for the game and ensures that it does not drain your power. After that, you’re on your own. There’s a brief tutorial. There’s no need for anything else with such basic gameplay and controls. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

The difficulty of the levels gradually increases up to a limit, and the developers claim that there are an infinite number of them. There’s also a “dark mode” that forces you to split rather than create loops. It’s safe to say that no matter how long you’re trapped in the transit lounge, you’ll never be bored.

The game is almost entirely free, but you can delete advertisements and help the developers by paying anywhere from $1.99.

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Bloons TD 6

On the app stores, tower defense games are a common genre in which you position units along a pre-defined track and use them to fight waves of increasingly powerful oncoming forces.

Obviously, there’s a lot more to it than that, and each game puts its own twist on stuff, some of which succeed and others which fail. Bloons has long been a favorite of mine, with its calm early rounds quickly turning into a screen full of superpowered monkeys, exploding rockets, and vicious attack helicopters unleashing their mayhem. Those balloons were doomed from the start. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

Bloons TD has been updated to version 6, which includes 3D maps, new towers, skills, and upgrade routes, as well as monkey heroes. The previous version is still available if you want to save a few bucks, and it’s still a lot of fun to enjoy.

There are hundreds of maps to unlock, special events, co-op play, endless play modes, and more, depending on which one you select. Later rounds become genuinely complicated, and just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, a swarm of camo balloons creep through your defenses before you can respond. You’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

When you start playing Bloons, those 15 hours in economy class will vanish in a moment. It’s possible.


I’m not sure how many hours of my life I’ve spent playing Civilization games, but I’m sure it’s in the thousands. I’ve been searching for an equivalent world builder on mobile for years and have yet to find one. Even the official Civilization apps weren’t very good. Face that is sad.

Then I came across The Battle of Polytopia. It isn’t Civilization, and it makes no effort to be, but it is a fun and entertaining strategy game in its own right, and a perfect way to pass the time. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

You begin with a few tribes to choose from, each of which begins with a different technology. Other tribes with more sophisticated technology or other advantages can be unlocked for a dollar or two.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll be dropped into a land with a single unit and city that you can only see a small portion of. After that, you’ll go about exploring the planet, exploiting resources, updating your technology, and engaging (or attacking) with other tribes.

There’s a 30-turn version for fast games, as well as an endless mode for long flights, in which the objective is to conquer every city on the globe. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

It doesn’t suffer from being crammed into the confines of a phone screen, which is unusual for these types of games. Even on a big, busy map, the graphics are colorful and easy to understand, and the control mechanism is simple.

In several dozen hours of gaming, I don’t recall Polytopia ever crashing on me. Download it right now if you enjoy world-building games.


Plague Inc isn’t necessarily included in this category because it’s been around for so long. It does, however, receive daily updates, and the most recent additions surprised me after I reinstalled it recently. It’s just as addictive as it’s always been, with an unwelcome new significance in 2020. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

Instead of saving the earth, you’re attempting to destroy it by using a pathogen to kill everyone on the planet. Each of the twelve unlockable disease types has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and the game plays differently depending on which one you choose.

You’ll need to keep carefully developing your disease as it travels from country to country by air, land, and sea to stay one step ahead of the medical researchers urgently seeking to find a cure. 6 MOST PLAYED GAME ON ANDROID WITHOUT WIFI

The graphics and sounds are functional rather than stunning, but the addictive gameplay, perfect difficulty curve, and dark sense of humor have helped it become one of the most successful games on both app stores, with millions of downloads. You can play a limited version for free, but unlocking the complete edition requires paying for at least one of the extras.

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