7 Best Websites to Host and Share Large Files for Free


7 Best Websites to Host and Share Large Files for Free.

Do you wish to share and host massive files for free on the internet? Here’s a list of the finest free websites for hosting and sharing huge files.

Large files can be tough to distribute, especially on social media or instant messaging apps. Take WhatsApp for example; you can’t share large files on it, and you can’t do so on other apps either.

Keeping large files on one’s device might take up space and cause an Android smartphone to run out of space.

As a result, it’s always a good idea to host these enormous files in the cloud, where they’re even secure than before and can be accessed easily whenever needed.

Meanwhile, there are a variety of websites where you may share and host enormous files online.

These websites typically have mobile apps that you can use to share and host large files. I’ll compile a list of the top websites for hosting and sharing huge files for free.

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List of the Best Websites to Host and Share Large Files For Free

1. Telegram — www.telegram.org

Telegram is an instant messaging software that we all know and use. However, many people are unaware that Telegram is the finest tool for sharing large files with multiple people at once.

You can use Telegram to exchange enormous files of up to 5GB in size without having to split them up.

If you want to exchange large files with a group of people, you can start a Telegram channel and share them all at once.

You can only do this with the Telegram app because there isn’t a browser version of Telegram.

2. UsersDrive — www.usersdrive.com

Usersdrive is another service where you can save and share enormous files online.

You can store and share any type of large file that complies with the website’s policies, and you can do so as a free or premium user.

Usersdrive gives you roughly 100GB of free space to host files, so you can host as many as you like.

If you want to share files with visitors to your website, you can utilize Usersdrive to do so and make them easy to download using a generated download link.

You can also join their affiliate program to earn money. Usersdrive is a great place to store and distribute huge files online.

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3. Mega — www.mega.io

Mega was one of my favorite file hosting websites back when I was sharing game files from my blog since it allowed me to simply share my games.

Mega also includes a direct download link for my visitors to click and download. It is really quick and simple to set up and share files.

Mega provides 50GB of free storage for you to share a big number of files.

In addition, these files remain there indefinitely unless they are copyrighted properties, in which case they will be removed immediately.

4. Google Drive — www.google.com/drive

Google Drive is another nice service for sharing and hosting large files. However, I only recommend it if you want to keep vital personal data or papers safe. But, for sharing and downloading, it isn’t the greatest due to content removal from their cloud server.

Google Drive only provides 15GB of free storage to distribute and host huge files.
This allows you to simply move all of your data from your Android device to Google Drive.

5. Apk Admin — www.apkadmin.com

Apk Admin is not an APK download website, but rather a website for hosting and sharing Android Apk files.

Even if this website doesn’t have a lot of storage space, you can still use it to share game files online and have people download them easily using the download link.

If you’re a blogger who covers Android games and apps, you can host the files for free on our website.

Unregistered users get 400MB of free storage, while registered users get 2GB of total storage space.

This service is still very new, but it is quickly establishing itself as one of the greatest places to host and share huge APK files for free online.

6. SendTransfer — www.sendtransfer.com

SendTransfer is a website that allows you to send files from the website to a recipient’s email address for free.

It’s a very fast and secure file hosting website. This website differs from others in that it’s a little limited in terms of getting download links, but it’s the best to use if you need to send a file to someone urgently.

SendTransfer lets you share files up to 10GB in size at a time, and you can even set an expiration date for the file download link.

It’s one of the top free file hosting and sharing services around.

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7. Mediafire — www.mediafire.com

Mediafire is one of the most popular online file hosting services, and it continues to be the finest for a variety of reasons.

You may host files online for free via Mediafire, and you get 10GB of storage for free. If your files aren’t copyrighted, they’ll be kept safe and won’t be destroyed.

You can also earn up to 39GB of storage by inviting your friends.

Mediafire is one of the greatest websites for sharing and hosting large files online; it also provides a premium edition with over 1TB of storage space to share and host your files.

Please click here to sign up for a free account and begin sharing files.


These are the greatest websites I’m aware of for sharing and hosting large files online, as well as the easiest to use. There are others, but their download links frequently fail and they don’t offer high download speeds.

Best Websites to Host and Share Large Files for Free.

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