7 Digital Tools That Can Help Sell Your House


7 Digital Tools That Can Help Sell Your House.

Selling a property can be a stressful process, and the epidemic has only added to the anxiety. Due to societal distancing regulations and individual concerns about strangers wandering around and touching their belongings, both sellers and buyers have questioned whether classic techniques like open houses are still worthwhile. These days, it’s feasible to sell a house without the buyer ever seeing it, however buying a house without seeing it comes with its own set of issues.

Fortunately, prior to the epidemic, the real estate business was already integrating technology to make selling and buying homes a much easier procedure. It’s never been easier for homeowners and realtors to market their properties and complete transactions online. Here are seven digital technologies that might assist you with the sale of your home.

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Drone photography

Drone footage is one of the hottest methods to exhibit a property for sale, according to Rick Abbiati, owner of Colony Property Investments/Colony Buys Homes in Nashua, NH. “Hire a professional drone operator to take aerial bird’s eye images and video of your home and property from all angles,” he said. Abbiati concedes that ten years ago, renting a helicopter or small plane to get views from such a high vantage point would have been prohibitively expensive. All of that has changed thanks to drones: “Now, you can get these incredible photographs for pennies on the dollar.”

Video Home Tours

Consider buyers viewing your home from the comfort of their own home, on their sofa. “Because many buyers are hesitant to visit a home in person, we have been effective in promoting videos and live streaming for all of our listings,” said Cyrus Vaghar, a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker in Boston. “For instance, we recently performed a virtual showing at a house that we aired as a live video online, allowing prospective buyers to ask questions as we toured the property.” As a result, one of the viewers came by the next day to inspect the property in person. “This guy ended up becoming the buyer and indicated they may not have came by if they hadn’t watched the earlier video,” Vagher says.

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3D Virtual Tours

A 3D virtual tour delivers a more holistic perspective of your property if you desire a more advanced sort of virtual tour. It’s as easy as installing a 3D home software and creating panoramic views with a 360-degree camera (or a smartphone), which are then uploaded to the app and displayed in 3D. Potential buyers have the option of viewing certain rooms or areas of the house from any angle. They have the ability to zoom in and out as well. There are companies that will design 3D tours for you if this sounds too complicated for you to do on your own.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is another option if you don’t want to engage a staging crew. You can dress up your home using a variety of firms and apps. If you hire a firm, the process begins with providing them images of the rooms you want to stage, followed by either selecting furnishings yourself or allowing the company to do so. Designers will then digitally erase the current furniture and replace it with the chosen furniture and decorations. Another alternative is to utilize virtual house staging software created by yourself. Drag and drop furniture into your photos after clearing the present furnishings.

Social Media

Almost everyone uses social media, and for others, it has become an addiction. That is, however, what makes social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter perfect venues to market properties for sale. “Many younger shoppers are less likely to pick up the phone to ask a question, but are comfortable doing so through the apps they use every day,” Vagher added.

Virtual Assistants

When realtors are unavailable, buyers may have questions, but they may not feel comfortable asking a lot of them. Real estate chatbots, on the other hand, can answer at any moment. Chatbots are computer programs that mimic human discussions in order to offer accurate and timely information. These helpful assistants can help you plan property viewings, check MLS listings, and respond to common questions. They are also capable of delivering this information in a variety of languages.

Digital Transactions

One aspect of the home-buying process that no one misses is sitting in a stuffy conference room for the closing. Buyers and sellers, on the other hand, now have the option of seeing, signing, and returning paperwork electronically. This is not only more convenient, but it is also safer for everyone involved—and it is likely to relieve some stress.

7 Digital Tools That Can Help Sell Your House.

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