8 Best Customization Apps for Android in 2021


8 Best Customization Apps for Android in 2021.

Customization Apps for Android – For better customization of your Android device, I’ve compiled a list of the greatest customization applications for Android, all of them are fantastic. When it comes to mobile device customization, there is no doubt that Android is the finest contender. You have complete control over how your Android device is personalized.

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the greatest Android customization applications. These apps can be used to change one or two items on your Android device, and some of them can replicate features that we’ve always liked on iOS or any Android device other than ours.

8 Best Customization Apps for Android 2021

1. Nova LauncherNova Launcher - customization app for android

Nova Launcher is one of the greatest programs for customizing your Android device. If you want to modify the layout of your home screen, organize your apps, and apply cool widgets, Nova Launcher will help you do it. It comes with a variety of themes to choose from, as well as the ability to modify the icon and size of your app.

Other lightweight launchers you may use as modification apps on your Android device include Nova Launcher, which is one of the greatest launchers out there and also a terrific customization app.

2. Minty Icons ProMinty Icons Pro - customization app for android

Minty Icons Pro is a premium app that allows you to alter app icons on your Android device. Its features aren’t free, and it’s an app with hundreds of icon packs. With this app, you may edit any app icon on your device’s home screen. It works with launchers and contains a list of launcher categories with which it can be used.

Minty Icons Pro is a fun software that lets you customize your Android device with cool backgrounds and folder icons. You should consider buying this app if you’re seeking for an excellent customizing app for your Android handset.

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3. Material Islands™Material Islands - customization app for android

Nothing beats having a great launcher with a clean layout and a semi-live wallpaper in the backdrop. Even you would be awestruck by the stunning appearance of your Android device’s home screen. Material Islands, on the other hand, provides semi-live wallpapers of things found on islands, such as trees, mountains, and other natural wonders.

This program will provide you with cool wallpapers that will serve as a background on your home screen and will not drain your battery. You can also use the app’s day and night modes; there’s a lot you can do with it, and it’s one of the greatest Android customization tools.

4. WallHubWallHub

With over 2000 quality wallpapers to beautify your Android device home screen, I can’t help but acknowledge the fact that this app is arguably the best wallpaper app I’ve seen. After using a wonderful launcher app and also getting the best icons you need, you surely need a good wallpaper to balance it out, and WallHub is one of the best wallpaper apps you should look forward to having on your Android device.

WallHub provides some unique wallpapers that appear to be basic but are actually rather complex. You’ll find high-quality 4K wallpapers in a variety of categories. WallHub is one of the best Android customizing apps.

5. Wow! KWGTWow! KWGT

While some people dislike using widgets because of battery drain, there are a select few that do, and if you’re one of them reading this article, I recommend switching to Wow! as your widget app. KWGT. It’s one of the nicest widget apps I’ve seen in a long time; it’s packed with features such as numerous widget packs with various colors, beautiful widgets, gradients, and more.

Wow! KWGT allows you to add widgets to your Android device’s home screen and balance the customization you’ve been working on; it’s one of the best customization programs for Android devices, and it’s well worth the money.

6. KeyboardsChrooma Keyboard

Another way to customize an Android device is to customize the keyboard. There are many different keyboards out there, and you can customize them by applying themes, changing fonts, or using a custom wallpaper. I won’t recommend a specific keyboard app, but you can check out some of the best keyboard apps for Android, or if you’re using Swiftkey Keyboard, you can check out some keyboards that are better than Swiftkey Keyboard.

Keyboard applications are one of the greatest customization apps for Android, and they may also help you improve how you chat on your device.

7. Sesame

Sesame is an app that will pique your interest; it is neither a launcher nor a wallpaper app, but rather an AI that interacts with how you use your Android device. It works with your launcher app and automatically creates shortcuts and search options on your Android device, allowing you to quickly open a Whatsapp conversation, reply to messages, or resume a paused activity.

Sesame will build various shortcuts for you, giving you quick access to things like making phone calls, responding to emails, and watching films on the internet. Sesame is one of the greatest customization applications for Android, and it offers a lot of amazing features that will make you adore it.

8. FontsFonts

Another approach to modifying our Android device is to use fonts. A good fonts app will provide us with the most fashionable fonts to change the typography on our device. Fonts is one of the top font providers, and this app has fonts that will function on every app we install on our Android smartphone. It has some of the coolest fonts out there, and you can use these fonts to customize your Android device completely.

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Fonts is a wonderful software for you and one of the best for customizing your Android device; it’s free and simple to use.


If you want to customize your Android device, these are the greatest apps to use; they include a variety of functions and will give your Android device the most attractive home screen. If you don’t want to buy the paid apps described in the article, you can acquire them via third-party app websites.

8 Best Customization Apps for Android in 2021.

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