9 Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android 2021


9 Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android 2021.

Here are some of the greatest screen dimmer applications for Android; these apps are highly recommended for eye safety. The eyes are one of the most fragile parts of the human body, and excessive exposure to light rays from our Android device is not good for them. While some Android devices include brightness reduction choices, they are never enough for what the eye requires.

These apps will allow you to modify the brightness of your Android screen, allowing you to use the lowest screen brightness at your leisure. Each of these programs offers its own set of features, some of which are free and others of which are not.

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List of the Top 10 Best Screen Dimmer Apps for Android

1. Screen Filter

Screen filter is one of the screen dimmer apps that protects your eyes from harm via your Android smartphone’s screen. This software generates a shade on your Android device that acts as a dimmer to help keep your eyes safe. Screen filter can be used during any activity on your Android device, and it also saves battery life.

Screen Filter Features

  • Lets you gain easy access to change brightness levels
  • You can control how your screen brightness changes based on places you enter and also changing from time to time
  • It’s a free app

2. Dimmer

Dimmer is one of the most popular screen dimmer apps on the Google Play Store, with positive ratings and reviews so far. If you want the best-dimmed screen option on your Android device, you should install this app. It’s completely free and contains no advertisements.

One of the reasons for the high number of good reviews for this software is that it is user-friendly and navigation via its settings is simple. This is one of the greatest screen dimming apps available for Android.

3. EasyEyes

Easyeyes is the ideal solution for bright screens on low brightness settings; this app will easily assist you in controlling how your screen brightness operates; its methods for dimming screens are quite different, and you won’t have to worry about eye pains if you stare at your Android device screen late at night.

You may use this app to control the brightness of your Android phone screen, which will help you sleep better at night. You won’t need to wear shades if you have this app loaded on your Android smartphone.

EasyEyes Features

  • Easy to turn on/off
  • Turns on automatically for sleep or sunset
  • It filters screen temperature and gives warm lighting
  • User-friendly

4. Dimglo

Dimglo is one of the top ad-free screen dimmer apps for Android devices, so you can always count on it to deliver when it comes to finding the best brightness app to protect your eyes from a bright screen. This program does not require any settings to function well for you; it adjusts brightness at any moment.

If the brightness of your screen is bothering your eyes at night, the dimglo screen dimmer app can help. This app contains free capabilities that are usually only accessible in commercial apps.

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5. Night Owl

Night owl is a premium screen dimming app that allows you to read on your phone without becoming tired at night. This app is the ideal solution for a sleepless night after a long period of staring at your phone screen; with night owl, your problems will be solved quickly and your eyes will be in perfect condition.

Night owl has capabilities such as display backlight dimming, blue light filtering, and sophisticated color filtering. This software is one of the greatest screen dimming apps you’ll discover on the Google Play store for avoiding eye strain and headaches when using your Android device at night or in a dark area.

6. Night Screen

Night screen is yet another great screen dimming app for Android phones. It’s one of the newest apps on the market and it’s been operating flawlessly on all Android smartphones. Its basic purpose is the same as the ones described above and below. When using your Android device at night, it will provide you the lowest screen brightness.

You may use Night Screen on any Android device running Android OS version 4.4 or higher. Night Screen also has features that make using the app at night a breeze; you won’t have to worry about eye pain. One of the best screen dimming apps to help you out is Night Screen.

7. Blue Light Filter

Chronic headaches, insomnia, and sleepless nights are never good for the human body, and the more of them you have, the more damage you do to your body system, including your eyes. These are usually caused by the blue light our eyes absorb from our Android phones at night.

We can easily control how our Android smartphone screen shows at night or in a dark setting with the Blue Light Filter app. This software is quite handy, and once you’ve activated it to regulate the brightness of your Android device’s screen, it’ll safeguard your eyes. It’s one of the best screen dimming apps for Android users.

8. Twilight Blue Light filter

Twilight blue filter, like all of the other apps listed above, protects the eyes from blue light emitted by the Android device screen. This software is free to use and does not require any particular settings to run on your Android smartphone.

Twilight blue light filter is one of the best screen dimming apps to use on Android. It will help you optimize your screen brightness to the lowest at night, and you will be able to complete any activities at night without the need to boost screen brightness.

9. Night Mode Screen Dimmer

The final software on the list is another good screen dimming app for Android; this is one of the best applications that function properly at night and also provides 100 percent eye protection; when examining the top screen dimmer apps for Android, you should never overlook Night mode screen dimmer.

You may find yourself playing games or watching movies on your Android device late at night; Night Mode Screen Dimmer will assist you in adjusting your screen brightness to the best of your ability while causing no harm to your eyes; this app is really useful. It offers unique capabilities, and because it preserves battery life on Android devices, you can count on it to provide the finest screen brightness optimization for you at night.


You may be undecided about which of these screen dimming applications for Android to install after spending some time reading about them; nevertheless, they all achieve the same aim, so picking one as your favorite should not be difficult. These are the greatest screen dimming apps that you may use at any time on your Android device.

9 Best Screen Dimmer Apps For Android 2021.

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