Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices (2021)

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices (2021).

Unexpected calls are typical these days; you may be anticipating a business call or another critical call, but your phone rings with a call from an unknown number. Most of the time, they’re spam or telemarketing calls.

Whatever they are, you can always keep the peace and avoid unwanted calls on your Android device by simply blocking calls from spam numbers, or by blocking a specific number with a call blocker software if you don’t want to receive calls from that number.

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is an Android app that allows you to manage how you receive calls and text messages. It detects callers and provides insight into who is contacting our line, even if the number isn’t kept on our smartphone. You can prevent unwanted calls from Telemarketers, numbers you don’t want to receive calls from, and even SMS messages using Truecaller.

Truecaller eliminates spam calls in real time, filters texts, and allows you to make calls and send text messages to any registered Truecaller user using your internet connection. Truecaller is one of the most effective call blocking apps available for Android.

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2. Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is the greatest program that will come to your aid if you’re seeking for one of the best ways to avoid being disturbed by private callers or calls with no number to verify the caller’s identity. This program completely prevents calls and SMS, as well as keeping your call records in order. It can stop spam calls from telemarketers, hackers, and even unwelcome callers, and it also does so with its SMS feature.

You can ban calls and SMS messages from unwanted callers and SMS senders with Calls Blacklist. This software is one of the best on the Google Play Store, and it allows users to send SMS from within the app, as well as spam and permanently block calls. It is one of the best call blocker apps for Android.

3. Mr. Number

When a private number dials your line, this program will intercept the call and transfer it to Voicemail; it can also alert other users to spam calls so they are informed. Mr. Number has a lot of capabilities, and some of them are what make it one of the finest Android call blocker apps.

4. CallApp

CallApp is regarded as one of the best call recorder apps for Android, and in addition to recording calls, it also serves as a useful tool for preventing unwanted calls from reaching your Android device, thanks to its call blocking and SMS filtration functions. CallApp is similar to Treucaller in that it allows you to check the ID of an unknown caller before picking up the phone. It also bans telemarketers’ calls and prevents SMS from unknown numbers.

This program is one of the best call blocker apps for Android, and it comes with a lot of functions, including the ability to block any call or SMS on your Android device. On your Android device, you can regulate the types of calls you get; this software is one of the best, and it makes call blocking simple.

5. Caller ID – Who Called Me, Call Blocker

Caller ID is a versatile program that does more than just block calls on Android. It operates in a variety of ways, including blocking calls from unknown numbers, identifying caller information, and storing and restoring contacts. Caller ID can check up numbers for you and keeps calls away from private callers; it’s a fun tool that works well.

Caller ID is one of the best call blocker apps for Android, and you can use it to block telemarketers’ calls, filter unwanted SMS, and use it as a dialer tool to make phone calls on your Android device.


These apps will ensure that you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to blocking unsolicited calls and texts on your Android device. You can quickly identify a caller and determine whether or not the incoming call is worth your time. Telemarketers and other unknown and undesirable callers will be blocked by these call filter apps.

Best Call Blocker Apps for Android Devices (2021).

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