8 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android 2021


8 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android 2021.

Looking for a decent call recorder software or apps for your Android mobile to record calls? You’ve come to the correct place because today’s article is about the best call recorder applications for Android devices. Please read on to learn more about these apps.

Call recording isn’t something most people do since they think it’s trivial and useless. However, sometimes you’ll get an essential call and vital information will be transmitted between the two parties; if the call was recorded, you’ll have this information saved and useful when needed.

When recording calls on an Android device, the default dialer app may offer this feature, but the recordings are often of poor quality, necessitating the use of competent call recorder apps. There are a few decent Call Recorder Apps For Android Devices listed below.

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List of the Best Call Recorder Apps for Android

1. TrueCaller


Truecaller is a popular call app with a lot of capabilities for making calls and also providing safety to communication. If you use Truecaller, you’ll find a lot of functions in this app, as well as the ability to record calls. Truecaller allows you to record your calls and does it in high quality.

Truecaller is one of the best call recorder apps for Android devices; you can also use it to filter spam calls, expose the identity of an unknown number, and many other features.

2. Call Recorder – ACR


Another Call Recorder (ACR) is another call recorder app that is often regarded as one of the best call recorder apps for Android users. This app allows you to record calls in the highest audio quality possible. ACR will record your calls and list them by matching each phone number to your contacts, allowing you to quickly access any recorded calls.

ACR cannot be used in conjunction with any other Call Recorder app; you can also password-protect your recordings. This is one of the coolest call recorder apps for Android devices.

3. RMC: Android Call Recorder


RMC records all calls made and received on your Android device. This program records calls in a simple and high-quality audio format. When making calls on your Android device, make sure your calls are set to loudspeaker for the optimum audio quality after the recording is started.

RMC is one of the best call recorder apps for Android devices since it includes a lot of options, some of which are very complicated. You can control how your calls are recorded, and it is one of the best call recorder apps for Android devices.

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4. Automatic Call Recorder


Automatic Call Recorder, like all the other apps I’ve listed, allows you to record calls on your Android device. However, unlike the other apps I’ve listed, ACR allows you to record calls and save them to your Android device as well as cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. There are several options for how your calls are recorded.

ACR includes several capabilities, including the ability to select which contacts you want to have their calls recorded and which you want to ignore. ACR is a good call recorder program and one of the finest.

5. Call Recorder Automatic


Call Recorder Automatic allows you to record all calls on your Android device. It’s a really basic call recording app that’s quick to set up and even reveals the caller’s ID automatically when you get incoming calls from unknown numbers. It offers a lot of functions.

You can also set call auto record to certain numbers; this is one of the best call recorder apps for Android devices; it’s simple to use and doesn’t interfere with your calls; its main function is to record calls in the background.

6. Cube Call Recorder ACR


Cube Call Recorder is another call recorder app for Android users, but it differs from the others in that it allows you to record all calls. You can record calls from your usual dialer app as well as calls from WhatsApp, Hangouts, Telegram, and other applications, and it has a lot of capabilities. Cube Call Recorder offers the ability to save recordings to the cloud.

You can also set a PIN lock to keep your recordings hidden from others. The Cube call recorder has both free and premium capabilities, with the premium features costing a little amount. This program is one of the best call recorder apps.

7. Automatic Call Recorder – CallsBOX


CallsBox allows you to effortlessly record calls on your Android device and includes a number of features that make using the program a breeze. For example, if recordings are started prior to incoming and departing conversations, you can select the audio quality in which your calls will be recorded. It also logs calls made over instant messaging programs such as Whatsapp and similar services.

You can password encrypt your recordings and store them directly to cloud servers like Google Drive and other cloud services. CallsBox is one of the best call recorder apps for Android devices, and you should give it a try.

8. Smart Recorder


Smart recorder is one of the call recorder apps that records in high quality; this app has been good so far, and its ratings and positive reviews on Google Play Store have been steadily increasing; you can easily record all of your outgoing and incoming calls with Smart recorder; it runs in the background and consumes no battery.

If you’re looking for a solid call recorder software for your Android device, I recommend giving Smart Recorder a try. It’s one of the best call recorder apps you’ll find right now, and it’s really simple to use and well developed.


You may be undecided about which call recorder software to use after reading this article; nevertheless, I can assure you that all of the apps featured in this article are good and operate as described in this article. You’ve seen the best Android Call Recorder Apps; now it’s up to you to decide which one you like most.

8 Best Call Recorder Apps For Android 2021.

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