Best Guide on How to Change Your BVN Phone Number


Best Guide on How to Change Your BVN Phone Number – Many people are unconcerned with the information they provide when applying for a BVN; nevertheless, they have no idea that the information they provide would be crucial when they link their bank accounts.

Please read this page carefully to learn how to change your BVN phone number.

Have you ever wanted to check your BVN using the *565*0# USSD code but couldn’t because the number wasn’t associated with your BVN?

This scenario can be aggravating, and the only way to get out of it is to address the problem, which I will simply suggest how to do.

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a series of numbers that serve as the account’s unique identifier. The BVN is an 11-digit number that was created by the Nigerian government to combat and track financial crime, fraud, and theft.

Looking for information on how to modify the number on your bank verification number, as well as how to update your name or date of birth? This essay will show you how to do so, with a focus on how to correct my BVN name.

It can be more distressing, though, when attempting to link your BVN to a new bank account and being unable to do so due to a name or date of birth mismatch or arrangement.

What is BVN?

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a biometric identifying number stored in the Central Bank of Nigeria’s database.
The number supports the Nigerian Central Bank in reducing fraudulent operations in the banking sector. Every account holder must have a Bank Verification Number that is associated with all of their bank accounts. Photograph, fingerprint, and other pertinent information (for example, name, age, date of birth, and so on) are recorded in the Central Bank of Nigeria’s database in the Bank Verification Number.

After completing the Bank Verification Number registration, you must link it to all of your accounts.

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How to Correct Name and Date of Birth on BVN

Some banks will link your BVN regardless of the name arrangement, while others may want you to rectify it before linking your bank verification number to your account. If you have an erroneous name, all you have to do is use your ID card to amend it, such as voter’s cards, national ID cards, international passports, and so on.

Go to the bank where you did your BVN and chat with a person in the customer care division. You must inform them that the name printed on your BVN is incorrect.

After that, you’ll be given a form (BVN modification form), which you must fill out, sign, and submit to the customer support representative together with your form of identification.

How to Change BVN Phone Number

You must go to the bank where you enrolled for the process with your BVN number to alter your BVN phone number. The BVN number is an 11-digit unique identifier that may be used to access your bio-data.

To change your phone number at the bank, you’ll need to bring a valid ID card, such as an overseas passport or a NIMC card.

Some folks are having problems with their BVN numbers. A discrepancy in your BVN can lead to major issues. This post will show you how to alter your BVN number on the internet.

How to Link Your BVN to Your Account

There are up to four methods which you can link your BVN to your bank account, and they are;

  • Through USSD code
  • Through internet banking
  • Through bank BVN portal
  • Through SMS

Through Ussd Code: It is necessary to dial your bank’s USSD code to link your BVN to your new bank account.

For instance, *945*BVN# It will also link your account to your bank verification number right away.

Through Internet Banking: Banks have made it possible for consumers who use internet banking to link their bank verification numbers to their accounts.

To do so, simply log into your internet account, go to the settings menu, and select the link to your BVN option.

How to Check Your BVN Personal Details Online

For the time being, there is no known technique for checking your BVN details without going to the bank, which means that you will have to go to the bank where you enrolled to do so.

This is because BVN records contain sensitive personal information about persons and are housed on secure database management systems. You can, however, quickly check your BVN number on your phone.

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