Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2021


Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2021.

Wait a minute if you’re about to upgrade to an iPhone just because of its appealing interface. What if you could make your Android phone appear like an iPhone, and if it had a notch at the top, you could make it look like the iPhone X, which is one of Apple’s finest creations? On the Play Store, you can find a number of Android launchers for iPhone that will make your Android phone look like an iPhone, complete with the identical lock screen and home screen. So, without further ado, here is our list of the top iPhone launchers for Android. Browse through it and pick the best launcher for your Android device.

Best iOS Launcher For Android 2021

1. One Launcher:

This is where you’ll find an iPhone launcher for your Android handset. It’s a portable launcher. With a variety of themes and widgets, you may personalize your home screen. You’ll find it to be both lightweight and full of wonderful effects. With 3D transitions on the home screen, Launcher will give you the full iPhone experience.

2. XOS Launcher:

XOS launcher is another launcher program that you can use to make your Android phone appear and feel like an iPhone. Using this launcher, removing and moving apps will be a breeze. The best part about this launcher is that it can not only make your Android phone appear like an iPhone, but it can also make it look like other Android manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Huawei. If you choose iOS, the icons will be identical to those on iOS. The launcher will allow you to experience super-fast and smooth operation. The app comes pre-loaded with iOS’s default backgrounds and other user interfaces. It merely takes up a few megabytes of disk space. It’s one of the greatest Android iOS launchers.

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3. OS 10 Launcher:

OS 10 Launcher is another excellent iPhone launcher for Android. If you like the user interface and icon pack, plus you like some of the interesting features of iOS, this launcher will be ideal for you. You’ll find a function comparable to iOS’s Spotlight search and suggested apps in this launcher. On iOS, Spotlight search makes a lot of things easier, and the same is true in this launcher.

4. Nova launcher:

Nova launcher is the best choice if you want a launcher with 3D touch, a well-known feature on iPhone 6S and later. You won’t get all of the features or the look and feel of iOS with this launcher, but you will get 3D touch. The ability to execute specific operations without having to open the app is known as 3D touch. The app, like many other launchers, comes with a variety of attractive themes and widgets.

5. Theme For iOS 11 Skin:

This launcher will offer you the same appearance and feel as iOS because it uses the same icon set. On the Google Play Store, the app has a 4.5 overall rating. You’ll also find live wallpapers for the iPhone 7 in the app. This launcher is compatible with both smartphones and tablets.

This software is unfortunately no longer available.

6. I Launcher X:

If you like the appearance and feel of iOS 11, this iPhone launcher for Android is for you. It offers practically everything you could possibly want in a user-friendly launcher. It has the same shortcut menu as iOS to give you a true iOS experience. There are specific buttons for turning off or on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data. Long-pressing icons creates a 3D effect. Above all, the launcher is lightweight and does not slow down your phone’s processing speed.

7. iLauncher OS 12:

You may expect an apple launcher for your Android phone now that Apple has introduced its latest operating system for its handsets. Your alerts will be organized in this launcher, just like they were in iOS 12. You may install many themes and free wallpapers to make your Android phone look identical to an iPhone.

8. Phone X Launcher:

If you have an Android phone with a notch, this iPhone launcher will give you the exact appearance and feel of an iPhone X. Although iPhones do not allow pattern lock, you can utilize pattern lock on your smartphone using this launcher. The music widget and other widgets are identical to those seen on iPhones. The Launcher is really light, and if you have a phone with good hardware, you will feel as if you are using an iPhone.

9. X Launcher Lite:

X Launcher Lite is a simple launcher for individuals who consider iOS 10 to be Apple’s best mobile operating system. The control center and home screen interface are identical to those seen in iOS. You can choose from a variety of additional themes besides iOS. The launcher is small and simple to install. You may also use this launcher to hide some programs. The Launcher comes with a number of icon packs that you may apply to give it a fresh look.

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10. NEW Theme for Phone X:

Another of the greatest iOS launchers for Android is here. Icons are identical to the iPhone background for the lock screen, and the home screen is also quite similar to an actual iPhone. This launcher will make your smartphone look exactly like an iPhone X if you have a phone with a notch. You may get 3D representations for weather and other widgets with some attractive icon packs.

So there you have it: the top ten iPhone launchers for Android. You can select one from the list for your Android smartphone based on the characteristics you prefer from iOS. These launchers combine the versatility of Android with the stylish appearance and feel of iOS.

If you merely want an iPhone for its amazing look and feel, you don’t have to spend more than double the price to acquire it. These top iOS launchers for Android will transform your ordinary Android smartphone into an iPhone, and if the physical appearance of your smartphone is identical to that of an iPhone, your friends will be unable to tell the difference.

Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2021.

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