7 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps For Android 2021


7 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps For Android 2021.

WhatsApp mods are third-party apps that add new features and modifications to our WhatsApp. Here are a few WhatsApp mod apps you’ll want to install on your Android device.

There have been several rumors of continued development from various developers since the shutdown of GB WhatsApp after its principal owner had to stand down. However, it appears that there will be no more development on GB WhatsApp, leaving its users in limbo.

However, there are a slew of WhatsApp mods that are just as good as GB WhatsApp, and you’ll find some of the greatest WhatsApp mod apps for Android in this article, so you won’t be without GB WhatsApp after it expires.

The official WhatsApp app is a great app that allows you to send instant messages, make internet phone calls, and have video conversations with friends and family, but despite being a top instant messaging app, it lacks some features that make it more enjoyable to use, so people prefer to use modded WhatsApp because they all have amazing features.

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Some Amazing WhatsApp Mod Features

  • Hide View Status – This lets you view your contacts status unnoticed
  • Hide Blue Ticks – When you read someone’s message or a group message, the sender won’t see the blue tick that signifies you have read his/her message
  • Anti Revoke Message – This feature lets you see and read deleted messages even after the sender deleted it
  • Status Upload Limit – The official WhatsApp will only allow you to upload video status with 30 seconds limit, but the mod WhatsApp’s will allow you to upload status with over 30 minutes limit.

There are so many features on modded WhatsApp that I can’t mention them all, but once you start using one, you’ll notice more of them and realize it’s preferable to use a mod WhatsApp version than the official WhatsApp, even if it’s not for everyone.

List Of The Best WhatsApp Mod Apps For Android

1. Yo WhatsApp (YoWa)

Yo WhatsApp is the second most popular WhatsApp mod after GB WhatsApp, and now that GB WhatsApp is no longer available, it has ascended to become the most popular and also the king of WhatsApp mods due to its features. This is my favorite mod type, and it’s the one I’m now using; it includes fantastic features that make using WhatsApp a little more enjoyable.

YoWa is one of the best WhatsApp mods you will come across if you’re seeking for a WhatsApp mod that contains practically all of the features you want.

Download Link: https://apkfolks.com/yowhatsapp/

2. WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is one of those WhatsApp modifications that will blow your mind; it has a lot of customization options and will completely change the look of your chat and home screens. WhatsApp Aero was created by a Turkish developer who has put in a lot of effort to ensure that his work provides the greatest experience possible for all WhatsApp users.

If you’re looking for a light WhatsApp to use on your Android device, WhatsApp aero is a good choice; you’ll enjoy everything about it; its capabilities are incredible, and setting it up is simple.

Download Link: https://apkfolks.com/whatsapp-aero-apk/

3. Fouad WhatsApp

After GB and Yowa, Fouad WhatsApp is widely regarded as the third-best WhatsApp mod. This is easy to say because it has all of the features that make a great WhatsApp mod. This app is one of the best you will see right now, and since GB WhatsApp has been banned, it is receiving more attention than ever. If you’re looking for a mod WhatsApp with all the bells and whistles, Fouad WhatsApp is the way to go.

Fouad is one of the greatest WhatsApp mods for Android because it has nearly all of the features of YoWa. It is a cloned version of Yo WhatsApp and is definitely one of the finest WhatsApp mods for Android.

Download Link: https://apkfolks.com/fouad-gbwhatsapp/

4. FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is another YoWa clone that generally has the same functionality as Yo WhatsApp. It’s a nice WhatsApp mod that’s a little different from some of the others I’ve discussed. If you’re looking for a mod WhatsApp that delivers both theming and performance, install FM WhatsApp on your Android device.

FM WhatsApp is safe to use, and like Fouad WhatsApp, you will have endless capabilities at your fingertips; it is one of the greatest WhatsApp mods available for Android users.


5. RC YoWhatsApp

If you prefer the look and feel of iOS WhatsApp and want the same experience on your Android device, RC YoWa is the WhatsApp mod for you. This sort of WhatsApp mod is solely dedicated to replicating iOS WhatsApp and does not differ in appearance from the original iOS WhatsApp.

RC YoWhatsApp is jam-packed with incredible features and comes with a variety of IOS themes to choose from. The best part about this WhatsApp mod is that it comes with a dark mode IOS WhatsApp theme, making it one of the finest WhatsApp mods for Android devices.

Download Link: https://apkfolks.com/rc-yowhatsapp-apk/

6. Delta YoWhatsApp

Delta YoWa is another WhatsApp mod that is completely based on the YoWhatsApp package; it’s a different type of mod and nothing like the official YoWhatsApp; Delta YoWhatsApp has more advanced features, some of which aren’t even available on YoWhatsApp; this is the type of WhatsApp mod that will allow you to use WhatsApp in a completely new way.

Delta YoWhatsApp features a lovely home screen style with a status area that looks like Instagram’s. This is one of the best WhatsApp mod apps for Android users; it’s secure and works exactly like the other mods in this page.

Download Link: https://apkfolks.com/delta-yowhatsapp-apk/

7. WhatsApp Mix

WhatsApp Mix isn’t the type of WhatsApp mod you’d expect, but it does have one unexpected feature: it has all of the amazing features of every popular WhatsApp mod. This type of WhatsApp doesn’t have its own features, but it has all of the important features of YoWhatsApp, Delta WhatsApp, RC WhatsApp, and many others, which makes things a lot easier.

WhatsApp Mix can be your all-in-one WhatsApp mod; it is one of the greatest WhatsApp mod apps for Android, and it allows you to experiment with various features and customization options.

Download Link: https://apkfolks.com/whatsapp-mix/


With GB WhatsApp no longer available and the official WhatsApp app becoming increasingly monotonous, these are the best alternatives available at the present; each of the Modified WhatsApp apps included in this article is the best WhatsApp mods for Android available.

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