Code to Borrow Airtime on GLO & Pay Back Later in 2021


Code to Borrow Airtime on GLO & Pay Back Later in 2021

How to borrow card on glo

Do you have bad credit? No wahala, did you know that if you run out of credit, you may borrow airtime from Glo and pay it back later? Yes, you can genuinely borrow card with your glo sim and pay with your next recharge with glo borrow me credit. Want to know how? Continue reading.

Globacom Nigeria, or simply glo, is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing telecom network service providers. As a result of their mouth-watering and never-ending acts of generosity with their data plans, they are known as the grand masters of data.

Globacom Nigeria has delivered a plethora of wonderful services and deals throughout the years, attracting new subscribers daily and keeping its present clients loyal to them.

You’re wasting your time and losing out on the good stuff if you’re an internet junkie like me who enjoys surfing and spending time on the internet and don’t have a glo sim. That’ll have to wait for another day; for now, let’s stick to our main topic: how to borrow airtime from Glo.

In light of this, Globacom Nigeria decided to offer a service that will assist its consumers when they are short on cash and in need of assistance. This service is known as “glo borrow me credit,” and it allows you to borrow airtime or a card if you’re low on airtime and pay it back with your next recharge.

I refer to this as a life-saving service because it has always come through for me whenever I’m in desperate need of airtime and unable to purchase a glo recharge card at the time. I’m always eligible to borrow large amounts of airtime as a regular glo airtime recharger, and I always borrow enough to subscribe to a glo data plan and get back online or make an important call to someone.

So you don’t have to worry about running out of airtime with “glo borrow me credit,” because if your glo sim is eligible, you can use it anywhere, at any time, and pay it back later. So, without spending any more time, let’s quickly go over how to qualify for the “glo borrow me credit” offer and how to borrow money with your glo sim card.

How to be eligible for glo borrow me credit

Before you can borrow airtime from glo, you must meet specific requirements; nevertheless, before you dismiss this as unimportant or lose interest, keep in mind that this criteria is not some arbitrary decision made by glo on your sim, leaving you at their mercy.

This is something you have complete control over and is quite simple to accomplish. Here’s what you should do if you want your sim to be eligible for a glo card and be able to borrow one.

To begin, your sim must have been active for at least 3 months on the glo network, which means it must have been operational from the time you purchased, registered, and activated it. So, if your glo sim is less than three months old and you probably bought it brand new, you won’t be able to borrow airtime from glo. To qualify for the “glo borrow me credit,” you must keep it active for three months.

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If your sim is up to three months old, you must also ensure that your monthly recharge is at least N200 to be eligible to borrow from Glo. This essentially indicates that you must have recharged at least N200 in glo airtime on your glo sim, which you should do.

The amount of airtime you recharge on your glo every month will also affect how much airtime you’ll be able to borrow on your glo sim. This means that the more you recharge each month, the more eligible you are to borrow larger amounts of airtime. That shouldn’t be an issue; the essential issue is to qualify for the “glo borrow me credit,” which I’ve detailed how to do above.

If your sim fulfills the above requirements, proceed to the section below to learn how to borrow airtime from glo using your glo sim; it’s simple and straightforward.

How to borrow credit from glo

Through ussd code

If you’re eligible for the “glo borrow me credit” and want to borrow airtime with your glo sim just dial;

  • *321# > Select the airtime option you want to borrow and press send.

You’ll notice varied amounts of airtime depending on how often you recharge; if you reload large quantities of glo airtime weekly, your sim will be eligible to borrow large quantities of airtime, such as N200, N500, N1000, N2000, and so on. Some people may only be eligible to borrow N25, N50, N100, and so on, depending on how frequently they have previously recharged their Glo sim.

  • You can also borrow the specific airtime you want by just dialing *321*airtime amount#.

Example; if the airtime amount you want to borrow is N100, then dial *321*100# and press send. If its N200, then dial *321*200# and press send.

A 15% service fee will be charged for any airtime you borrow.

If you have data, you can also borrow airtime online by clicking here, creating an account using your phone number and pin, then using it to login and borrow any amount of airtime you desire.

You’ll also be given an airtime borrow limit, which is the amount of times you can borrow before you have to pay off your outstanding obligations before you can borrow again. Once you’ve reached that limit, you won’t be able to borrow any more airtime until you’ve paid back the ones you’ve already borrowed.

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This borrowed airtime can be used for calls, messages, data subscriptions, and other purposes. Globacom Nigeria has done an excellent job for their clients by providing this service; despite providing us with the greatest and most reasonable data plans, they have discovered more methods to satisfy their consumers by providing this fantastic “glo borrow me credit” service. Glo is the greatest network to port to, so don’t abandon it.

How do I borrow airtime from glo?

By phoning *321# >, you can borrow airtime or credit from Glo. You can borrow particular airtime by dialing *321*airtime amount# or by selecting the airtime option you wish to borrow and pressing send. Any airtime you borrow will be subject to a 15% service fee.


That’s how you get a glo card. I hope you found what you were searching for in this post; if so, please leave a comment; also, please share this post with your family and friends by using the share icons on this page.

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