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Download Facebook Messenger for Android – Facebook Messenger is a messaging service that allows users to connect with one another on Facebook. Messenger was formerly known as Facebook Chat, and it was included in the website as a private chat feature. Facebook began developing Messenger as standalone software in 2010, and it was released for Android and iOS mobile devices the following year. Instead of accessing messages through the Facebook app, users were encouraged to download the Messenger app. Tapping on the Messenger icon would redirect you to the distinct Messenger app.

This irritated many users, who didn’t see the point in having the app when the Facebook app’s messaging function suited all of their needs at the time. Messenger is ideal for all types of Facebook users, from casual users to those who use Facebook and its chat service on a regular basis. Messenger is often updated, with new features aimed at improving accessibility, among other things.

Video calls, text chats, and multimedia sharing all on one platform

After authorizing access to the message, you can interact with other Facebook users who aren’t on your friend’s list. Text chat was the sole way to communicate back when Messenger was just Facebook chat, and you could send pictures as well. You may now add photographs from your camera roll, take pictures right from the app using your device’s camera, add gifs, send money, and have access to a variety of different apps with the person you’re speaking with by tapping on the text box. You can share your location for up to 60 minutes at a time, play Facebook games, and create reminders.

You can record voice messages and send them to chats with other pals in addition to text talking. If your acquaintance is unable to hear the message out loud, there is also a voice to text option. You can link your Pinterest account and transmit pins or stories from well-known publishers like the Wall Street Journal if you have one. Tap the thumbs-up icon to like a message, or send emojis, stickers, and GIFs. Create a group chats with extra pals so that everyone can join in on the fun at the same time.

The most popular upgrades to the messenger are video chatting and calling. You can phone a friend as long as you have internet connectivity. The call screen appears when you tap on the phone icon. Toggle on the camera to turn on the video function while making a standard voice call. While on the call, you can access the text box by clicking on the text bubble, mute the microphone by clicking on the mic icon, and change the camera view from front-facing to standard view by clicking on the camera icon. During the call, take screenshots that will be saved to your mobile device’s or tablet’s camera roll. Not only can you have group text chats anymore, but you can also have group audio and video calls.

You can modify the color of the icons and text bubbles in terms of personalization. When you send messages, the color you choose is also visible in your friend’s chat. You may add to your own tale and browse your friends’ stories at the top of the app, adding messages and emoticons for each clip.

Messenger uses roughly 120 MB of storage on an Android device when it is operating. The space that the program takes up swells as you interact with more people and use more capabilities like sharing movies, photographs, and outside articles, and the app might sometimes shut down randomly after lengthy use. If you use the app for even a few separate chats, it will quickly drain your battery.

Where can you run the program?

Messenger is compatible with PCs, mobile devices, and tablets running Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. On a PC, you can use Facebook Messenger by going to the Facebook website and sending messages via pop-out text boxes. If you want a separate tab for your conversations, voice, and video calls, there is also a dedicated Messenger website. The online versions of Messenger include all of the same features as the Android versions. When voice or video chatting on iOS, you can choose from a variety of effects that float and hang all over the screen.

Is there a better alternative?

Messages, the Android function that comes with your phone, is the greatest alternative for Android. It contains all of the features of standard text messaging apps, but there’s no way to contact Facebook friends unless you know their phone number. The second option is to use Whatsapp. Text, voice, and video chatting are all excellent, and you’ll need an internet or data connection to utilize it, just like Messenger. Photo and video sharing, GIFs and stickers, audio communications, voice to text, and group chatting are among features that Messenger has. You can access your messages and statuses on your desktop with Whatsapp. Simply go to the web version of Whatsapp and scan the QR code with your phone. You can view all of the chats you have on your phone on your desktop or laptop right away.

Our take

It’s a lot of fun to use Facebook Messenger on Android. It’s jam-packed with features that make conversing more enjoyable and takes the messaging app to the next level. There aren’t many other free apps for most mobile devices that have this many features.

Should you download it?

Yes, Facebook Messenger is a handy program, but keep in mind that it consumes a lot of battery power and requires a lot of personal information to download. Users were practically obliged to download it when it was originally published in order to connect with Facebook pals on a mobile device. Messenger is worth having on your phone if you use a lot of features like video or voice chatting, sharing documents, photographs, and videos, and you don’t mind charging your phone more frequently. Otherwise, you should be good with the messaging software that came with your phone or with Whatsapp.

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